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Name: Cooper
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 10
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Cooper, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Cooper
Cooper is a Yorkie/Maltese mix

1/7/22 - To quote Marilyn Monroe, I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

Now that that’s out of the way, my name is Cooper. I came to Yorkie Haven because I can be a bit temperamental at times and my family of 9 years had a baby and they were afraid we would not get along. I can see their point. I don’t like hands coming at me too quickly and will let you know it. However, I don’t have many teeth left, so I can’t cause much harm. Also, foster mom says I have a “tell”. If you are in my space when I am not in the mood, I get this “I don’t trust – pause” about me that lets you know to just be on your way.

I absolutely love sleeping in the bed with my humans and love giving kisses. I get attached to women quicker than men, but I do love all people. I will follow you around non-stop. Even to the bathroom for whatever it is you are doing. I even raise up on the tub when foster mom is bathing and have to have kisses then. I would do best in a home with another dog or two that doesn’t really need my attention, or, the ideal is I’m the only dog getting all the attention. I know that sounds selfish, but my bio does start off letting you know I’m selfish. Lol

I love going for walks and rides. Great in a car and on a harness and leash and walking is a great outlet for me. I might be 9 years old, but I am very spry and healthy. I would definitely do better in a home without children because I don’t like the loud noises and chaos. Guess that’s where my age steps in. Foster mom says I am a quick learner. I learned to sit for treats in 1 day of practicing.

So, anyone out there looking for a sweet guy that is a tad quirky? I’m your baby. Let’s bring in this new 2022 together!

12/21/21 - BIO COMING SOON!
Cooper's Donors:
Mary E. Folds
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke

Name: Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 5.8
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Hunter, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Hunter
3/8/3 - Hi Everyone. It’s Hunter and it seems it’s been a while since my last update, so I thought I take to the computer to let ya’ll know what’s been going on.

After I had my vetting and dental, my remaining teeth were taken out because apparently they were nasty. Yes, since I don’t have teeth to hold my tongue in, it hangs out of my mouth and makes me look even cuter. I eat soft food twice daily like a rockstar!

When I was at the doctor recently a couple things were determined. Seems I’m Hypo-thyroid, so I take Thyroxine, ½ pill twice daily. This medicine runs $12 per month.

I also have bi-lateral luxating patellas and some arthritis in my back legs, but at my age and considering how long I’ve already been living with this, surgery is not recommended. I walk bow legged which looks uncomfortable, but it doesn’t really slow me down. However, I really am not one for long walks and cannot/should not maneuver steps or jump.

Other than the above listed things, I am happy, healthy and handsome. I am very lively for my age and love being held and giving kisses. I am a sweetheart of a little guy that just wants to give and receive love. Foster mom said that I better not forget to tell you that I do have a bark inside this little body and am not afraid to use it to get what I want or just attention.

So, to sum up, I’m still here waiting on my forever home to scoop me up.

11/1/22 - I’ve been single for while now. I guess you can say that I was scared of “Commitment”. But lately while traveling the single’s scene, I’ve noticed other pups just like me in long term relationships and happy. They are always with their human companion, hand in paw, playing fetch, getting belly rubs, and so on. I think there might be something to this couple’s thing and I’m ready to try it.

Hi, my name is Hunter. Seeing as how I was picked up stray roaming around looking for food, I’m thinking I was named after what I doing. Get it? Hunter! Hunting for food! Anyway, a good Samaritan scooped me up and brought me to rescue. I was in pretty bad shape. I was missing a lot of hair due to flea allergies, I wasn’t neutered and I had bad skin and ear infections. I visited the doctor and they gave me medicine and special shampoo to fix me up. I’m also fixing to get neutered and have a dental. They said that I don’t have many teeth, so we will see if I have any after this dental thing. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m eating soft food just fine and love the taste of it and everyone I meet tells me how cute I look with my tongue sticking out.

In my foster home, there are other dogs and I’m doing well with them, but don’t really play. I was used to just traveling alone and didn’t stop long to made friends. But, I do love all people. Foster mom says that I am doing well with something called potty training. I use pee pads and go outside. Foster mom is retired, so we go out a lot which is a good thing for my old bladder. I’ve started taking to the toys laying around the house and am learning that they squeak. I’m not as clingy as some of other foster siblings, but I’m learning and do love to give kisses and be held. Here’s the best thing…. when it gets later in the evening, foster mom says: “Ok, let’s go to bed. Then we all go into another room where there is thing (a bed) and we all get to sleep in it with foster mom. It is the most comfortable thing EVER. I mean, I thought I slept good outside. Pretty much laying wherever, whenever I got tired, but this bed contraption is something I wish for everyone. It is the bomb! Please God, let there be one of these in my forever home. And since I’m ending this with praying: God, please let my forever parents be sweet and kind to me. Please let them feed me twice a day…. everyday. Please let them give me good baths to make my hair smell good and feel soft. Please let them love me unconditionally and never put me outside to live. Amen! Thanks for listening, I really appreciate everyone who looked at my photos and read my bio. Foster mom says that there is a perfect home out there for me and she and God will make sure that is where I end up to live out the rest of my life.
Hunter's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke

Name: Koko
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 8
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Koko, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Koko

9/27/22 - I was locked in a cell for a crime I did not commit. The evidence against me — I’m a dog — without a voice — and have the ability to make money for greedy people. Well, this has been my lucky month. The warden was made to retire and they put her in jail now. Now I am free to experience the things that others take for granted. Fresh air, grass under my feet, sounds of something other than misery and death, and the gentle hands and sweet voice of humans, that don’t expect anything from me and truly care about me.

I have a few mental scars and a few tall walls up since I have spent more time in jail than some of my friends, such as Kai, who is being fostered with me. I haven’t been in my new foster home long, but I’m getting the hang of things. When I first arrived, I slept a good bit, but am now starting to play with toys. I seem to be ok with the dogs in my foster home, but definitely don’t want to play with them and foster mom has caught me staring at one of the other females in a not so nice manner. She will continue to monitor my personality to see if I would do well with only male dogs or if I was just having a bad day. I do find this new luxury of sleeping in bed with the human great and would like to continue that. I like men and women alike, but am very on guard at first since I’ve never really been able to trust any humans.

I’m doing well with my potty training and am using pee pads as well as going outside, but expect mistakes because I’m not perfect. I would love a fenced in yard at my new home to be able to walk around, enjoy the sun and explore freely. At foster mom’s, her sofa is by the window and I love jumping on the back of it and looking out the window. It’s so nice to see the outside world on my terms. I also love to sit in foster mom’s lap and get petted and brushed, not much of a kisser though.

I do like attention, but am not totally clingy. Foster mom said that you can tell I am unsure at times. It’s just hard for me to trust, so I’m on edge at times and can get a little bitchy because of my insecurities. I’m sure with time and love I will turn into putty.

I hope my past record doesn’t scare you off, since I clearly was an innocent victim and did not commit any crime. I am a sweet, scared lady that hopes to find a mom and/or dad to love me unconditionally. I’ve heard it only gets better from this point forward. The sky’s the limit!!!

9/23/22 - BIO COMING SOON!
Koko's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke

Name: Major Tom
Gender: Male
Age: 1.5
Weight: 12
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $550

For more information on Major Tom, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Major Tom
Major Tom is a Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix

6/30/2022- Major Tom thought it was about time he updated everyone on what was going on with him since he has been in his foster home. He is a sweet boy, but does have fear issues with new people. When he first meets someone, he will bark at them as if he is scared and trying to protect himself. Sometimes he might even go hide if meeting someone new at his foster home where he is secure. But once introduced and comfortable, he will love unconditionally. He loves men and women, but definitely is more comfortable with women. In his foster home, he plays and loves on foster mom and dad, but will submissive tinkle if foster dad picks him up too quickly. He would benefit from a young playful dog in the home as he loves to play and can be aggravating to dogs that don't want to play or have his energy level. He loves to play with toys and run and play chase with other dogs. He is not very comfortable walking on a harness and leash, so a secure fenced yard is a must for him. He is a very good sleeping companion and adores laying right next to his humans either on top or under the covers. Major does well at the groomer and is great for his weekly bath and blow dry for his foster parents.

He doesn't like a chaotic, busy or loud home, so he would probably do best in a home without children. He is a smart baby. His foster mom taught him to sit for a treat in just 1 day. So he has potential to learn more basic commands.

Major is a happy little guy that did not learn a lot of socialization as a young pup and that has resulted in him being a little socially uncomfortable and timid, but he loves his people 100% and is a great pup. He has enjoyed living at his foster home, but wouldn't object to starting his life with his forever family. Since he is scared around new people and will need time to adjust, visits will probably be beneficial in his transition when getting adopted. So, he will need to be adopted in Louisiana to make sure that all goes well.

If you feel that you are the one for Major Tom, we are accepting applications now!

11/22/21 - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The name is Major Tom, but you can call me Major. Or, you can call me Tommy Boy. Or you can call me Baby. Just call me in a sweet voice, because I love that.
I was surrendered by my previous owner because I was too much to handle. My last home did not have enough energy outlets for me and I really need exercise and also needed more socialization. Not getting this resulted in me playing too rough snapping and biting at my mom. She did what was best and surrendered me to YHR. I explained to my foster mom that I didn’t mean it and she said that it’s just puppy antics that needed to be redirected.

I do have a very submissive and fearful personality. I’m afraid when meeting new people and will sometimes submissive tinkle. Other times I will try to overcompensate for my fear by barking and growling. Foster mom tells everyone to just sit down and let me get to know them and come to them on my terms. She told me that she understands my issues and we are going to slowly work on them. She’s cool. I’m timid around other dogs too. I’m just learning to play with them a little because there is a Shih-tzu in my foster home that is trying to show me the ropes. So having another dog in the home would be a plus so I can pickup ques from them and it helps me trust humans too. I just don’t need to be around any that are too rough because it scares me.

Once I trust you, I’m definitely my human’s dog and I will follow you everywhere and can even get protective of you. I f foster mom and I are in the bed and foster dad walks in, I will bark and growl at him until he comes over and talks sweet to me and pets me. Foster mom said that I cannot go to a home with children of any age or one that is too chaotic because I get overly stimulated easily. Exercise, i.e., walking, playing fetch or chase with my humans, etc. will help with this and help me to gain confidence.

I know I’m not doing the best at making myself sound like a gem to be adopted, but I am actually a great boy. I come when called, sleep right next to my human all night perfectly, and loves to give and receive love and affection. I’m learning to play with toys and it is the bomb! I’m pretty good in the potty department as long as you let me out enough and stay out with me If you think you will sneak off and go inside, forget it. I will run back in too and do my business inside. So, it’s up to you if you want to stay out with me, or clean up. Lol

I’m not a springy fellow. I’m actually just starting to walk up the steps/benches to the bed. But I still like to be picked up and put in the bed. I will come down the steps though. Foster mom says it is just adorable to see me raise up on the side of the bed and scratch to be picked up. I guess since I’m bigger, she just assumes I’d be able to jump up and down the steps with ease.

While I’m continuing to get love and attention here and learning discipline and how to trust, if you think I have the potential to be a part of your home, please apply. Remember, I will need a quiet home with parents that will exercise me regularly, no children, and another non-rowdy dog to learn from and play with.

Don’t let my shortcomings scare you off, I’m quite handsome and a great catch. Or so says foster mom and she wouldn’t lie to me. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my foster family, but maybe by Christmas, I can have a family of my own. Major Tom signing off!

11/15/21 - We will post a bio as soon as we learn Major's personality, but have already learned that he IS NOT good with children of any age.
Major Tom's Donors:
Ed Guise
Shelly Hebert Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke

North Carolina

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Bruno
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Weight: 9
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Bruno, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bruno
He has multiple medical issues as described in his bio below.

We have added photos of Bruno at physical therapy. If you click on the link below his photo, you will see them!

11/30/22 – Today we found out Bruno has an autoimmune disease called Pemphigus Erythematosus that is causing all his skin issues. His dermatologist is going to start him on high dose steroids for two weeks to try and get it in remission as quickly as possible so we can back down and get him ready to have his torn ACL repaired. He will also be going on a medication called Mycophenolate for the autoimmune disease, and that will likely be for the rest of his life to keep it in remission. He is still going to physical therapy weekly and is still not too thrilled with the hydro treadmill. He just does not want to use his back legs to walk while in it. Might just take more time and hopefully once we can get the torn ACL repaired it will get even better. Despite all he has going on, he is still so happy and loving! He gets to spend more time out of the crate now that he is six weeks post hip surgery. Thank you to everyone for their prayers and support for Bruno!

11/2/22 – Bruno had his hip surgery on 10/18. We have been doing his exercises at home, but unfortunately he is not using the leg like he should, so we will be starting with physical therapy on 11/4. We are hopeful this will help to get the leg moving the way it should and build up some more muscle as it feels like he has lost even more muscle mass in that leg. He still needs the ACL repair to happen, but the skin needs to be figured out first.

Bruno has also seen the dermatologist and she initially thought his skin issues were from an antibiotic resistant staph infection, but he has had two negative cultures. She is now thinking it could possibly be an auto immune disease, even though she did not see the cells she usually sees when doing a skin scrape in the office. We are spraying him with a topical antibiotic/steroid spray and medicated baths every 3 days. We have a skin biopsy tentatively scheduled for 11/15. We need to get the infection cleared up more before doing a biopsy otherwise it could skew the results.

Poor Bruno has so much going on, but even through all of it he is so happy and loving. He will just stare lovingly into your eyes and snuggle into you.

10/12/22 – Bruno went in yesterday and was neutered and had his dental done. After dental x-rays were done, it was found that he had major bone loss around several teeth and the start of bone loss around others. Given they were so bad, as we suspected, he had to have the remaining teeth he had removed. He is doing good with no teeth and ate some food last night and breakfast this morning. The dogtor said as he was under anesthesia and she wiggled a few of the teeth his blood pressure would go up, meaning she could tell they were painful to him. His mouth should feel so much better now. We also went to see the specialist last week as his leg has become worse being on crate rest. It was decided that he will go in on 10/18 for an FHO on his worst hip and if his skin is much better at that time she will also fix the torn ACL. He cannot have any infection for that repair, so we are crossing our fingers. If not, he will have to go in when his skin is cleared up and have the ACL repair. He has been battling the skin issues since December 2021 when his savior took him out of the bad situation. The dogtor suspects it is still flea dermatitis. His skin is better, but not good enough. The hip surgery is estimated to be around $2500 right now. Despite all his ailments he is still such a happy and loving little guy.

9/21/22 – Bruno is a happy go lucky little man that you can just see the smile on his face. He loves belly rubs, lots of affection, and loves to play with toys now that he knows how to. He did not have a great start to his life by living the first years of his life in a building with several other yorkies that were just given food and water a couple of times a day and not having all the love and attention they deserved. A wonderful lady went to help his original owner clean up all the dogs and convinced her to let her take two of the pups in December 2021. When his savior brought him home he had fleas, was not using his back leg, and had a bad rash. She worked very hard to make him feel better. Due to her own health, she unfortunately had to surrender him, which is how he came to YHR.

We are still working on clearing up his rash, his bloodwork is slowly improving, but he has very bad teeth that need to be cleaned. He is scheduled for his dental and neuter on 10/12. We saw the specialist today regarding his limping and lameness in his left back leg. He does have bilateral hip arthritis, restricted mobility in both hips, but he also has a torn ACL in he left knee. He is going on crate rest for about 4 weeks to see if he can build scar tissue to naturally heal it and try to avoid surgery. If that does not work, then he will need surgery to repair it. Once we get that fixed, then we will see if his mobility gets better and if not, he may need surgery on the hip to give him mobility. With the issues with the back legs, he does put more pressure on his front legs and sometimes limps on the front legs, but x-rays show there are no issues with the front legs.

Bruno really is just the happiest little guy we have seen in a while. He looks like he is smiling a lot of the time. He does great riding in the car and has been doing so in a doggy car seat. His crate rest will be in a stroller, which he does not mind either. He went for a stroll last weekend in the stroller and did great. Given he is older and was never neutered nor trained to go potty outside because he peed where he lived, he does mark a lot. That likely will not change given his age, so he may need to remain in a belly band, which he is great with too. He has lost some muscle mass in his backend, so the bellybands will slip off his hips, but suspenders have worked great to keep it in place. We are not sure about him likely to cuddle given the pain he is dealing with in his knee and hips, so hopefully when that all gets fixed we can see if he is a cuddle bug too.
Bruno's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Jo Ann Genes Kerstin Lemke
Sherri Orr Tina Bender Surrency Sandy Chestnut
Paul Robinson L Marc Lisner Donna Hoblack
Regina Tubay Young James Ray Steve Anzalone
Kentisha Dunn Brenda Foil Paige Herrmann
Linda Baldree Kerstin Lemke Kristin Marie Freimuller
Elizabeth Constance Maroun Conny McClary Kerstin Lemke
Katie Rosebraugh Janet Moree Wannamaker Rachelle Heiner
Conny McClary Kentisha Dunn Sharon O'Regan
Vance Steele Kerstin Lemke Delilah Forbes
Kerstin Lemke Lan Shafer Paula Smith-Jackson
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Delilah Forbes
Lorie Rothman Lorie Rothman


Name: Cash
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 14
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Cash, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Cash
3/16/2023 - Cash's lab numbers and blood pressure indicate that his renal issues are getting worse. Telmisartin has been added to his meds and it has helped his blood pressure. His labs remained the same with quite a bit of protein loss but stable. He will be rechecked again next wee,

He is a sweet boy who really has been handed some rough medical issues but he is a tough one!

We are so grateful to our kind and generous supporters who allow us to care for these pups so that they can have good quality of life.

12/28/2022 - Cash is as described previously but he is having sporadic issues and meds often must be adjusted. He has GI issues as stated below.

12/3/2021 - Cash is just as described in his original post other than the fact he does have some changes in his medical condition.
Cash has PLN (protein losing nephropathy) and is taking Enalapril. He is doing well with his albumin pretty steady. He also has a history of some GI issues. We suspect he could have PLE as well but that is not presently diagnosed. He is on prescription food: Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal low fat diet. He also is on Proin for nighttime incontinence.
Yes, he does have a lot of issues, but he is a charming pup who does not appear ill at all. He just needs his meds to be well.

8/26/2920 - Cash's recent blood work was normal!! He is doing very well. To read more about him, scroll down to the post of 2/10.

7/28/2020 - Cash is on one more round of antibiotics due to elevated white count. Urine culture was negative. If this round of antibiotics does not clear this he will be referred to specialist.

6/23/2020 - UPDATE: Cash was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening and is doing well, eating and taking his medications. His liver enzymes dropped and one is actually in normal limits. They are thinking all of this was due to an infection. He will be following up with our vet. At this time they don't think liver biopsies are needed!

6/20/2020 - Cash had an ultrasound today that revealed multiple liver nodules and gall bladder inflammation. His lab studies continue to be abnormal. He was admitted to the Emergency Dept at the specialty hospital and will remain there until Monday when they will transfer him to Internal Med Service.

He has not eaten well this past week and is generally just not feeling well.

His bill at this point is $3736 and that is not including the past week at the general vet; so his costs are rising.
ANY donation is greatly appreciated to help us help Cash.

6/15/2020 - Cash began feeling ill this weekend. His foster mom took him to the Emergency Clinic today and he was found to have anemia, infection of unknown origin and elevated liver enzymes. Also elevated bile acids. He is being referred to Internal Med Specialist for ultrasound of his liver. We will update as we know more.

2/10/2019 - Hi, my name is Cash and I'm from Texas. Yep, a Texas sized Yorkie with a Texas sized bark. Still a lover though. You kind of have to hear my bark to believe it is coming out of this little body. I think someone mixed a little raspy doberman in my vocal cords. So, don't expect any cute Tinkerbell tunes to be coming out of this body. Speaking of my body, since I'm getting a little up in age, I was having some trouble at night when I was sleeping with wetting myself. It was so embarrassing and all the other dogs would just get up and move away from me. I talked to foster mom about it and she and the vet started me on something called Proin and now I wake as dry as the Sahara Desert. Whew! No more getting made fun of.

12/16/2018 - Cash is a "diamond in the ruff". When he was originally picked up, he was covered in fleas and his hair was terribly matted. He was shaved down and had pretty rough looking skin. His skin has improved and he is looking to much better. Just wait until his hair grows back in! :)

12/16/18 - Cash had his surgery to remove the bladder stones on 11.27.18 and has recovered well from that surgery. He is now on a prescription diet to hopefully prevent further stone formation. We are still waiting on the report on the type of bladder stones. He had a bladder infection that was cleared with antibiotics. He is having some issues with occasional nighttime incontinence so we are working to figure out the cause of that. He wears a belly band and does not seem bothered by it at all.

Cash is a very pleasant pup who gets along well with his foster siblings. He loves to snuggle in bed at night.

11/26/2018 - 11:00 AM - Cash was given away online to a lady who ended up taking him to a vet only to find out that she could not afford him due to all of his presenting medical needs. She reached out to us since he needed immediate surgery. He also has flea dermatitis and dry eye. She told us he was covered with fleas when she got him. She treated him for the fleas and did get some meds for him and also medicated shampoo for his horribly irritated skin.
He is presently at our vet being prepped for surgery. As we know more about Cash we will update his bio.

Cash's Donors:
Linh Dao
Linda Baldree Vicki Dykes Dakota Henderson
Brenda Van Valen Katie Rosebraugh Karen Kim
Sherry Orr Judi Adams Sharon Davis
Jackie Pittenger Bobby & Maria Davidson Nancy Leicht
Wendy Hicks Scott Quinn Andrea E. Brown
Anita Ruthenberg Rhonda Jackson Linda Baldree
Sharon Davis Judith Graham Burgess Lisa Bridgewater
Melissa Meyers Brenda Van Valen Karis McCutchen Beard
Karen Feese Fratesi Lee Kosina Patty Day-Backman
Robert Maiellaro Lorna Yisel Marrero Pomales Judith McClure
Cyndi Houseman Rick DeCosta Ed Guise
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Nicholas Patel

Name: Harley
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $100

For more information on Harley, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Harley

January 1, 2023 - Harley is stable on the Lomotil for coughing. He does cough some when running and playing, but has not experienced any respiratory distress.

His skin is doing really well. We changed his treatment and he now gets a spot treatment weekly of Dermoscent and a bath weekly in Dermoscent shampoo. This has been amazing for him.
He has not had any episodes of GI issues and/or pancreatitis but must remain on RX low fat food. (Royal Canin) If he does have breakthrough itching, he receives a Cytopoint injection at the vet but the treatments above have decreased that frequency dramatically.

Harley is quite the charming little senior boy who loves, loves, loves to play fetch with his toys! He sleeps on a pillow next to his foster mom. Because he has been with us for some time, we do want to do a local, slow adoption so that the adjustment will be easier for him.

He is located in Kemah, TX.

August 8, 2021 - Harley has been on Lomotil and showing some improvement in the coughing.

July 1, 2021 - Harley is feeling better and does not require further hospitalization for pancreatitis. We will be re evaluating his meds for collapsed trachea as this week was stressful for him.

Due to Harley stressing easily and causing increased coughing from the collapsed trachea, we have decided to look for a home that is close to his foster home. He is being fostered in Kemah, TX. We want to be able to make it a slower adoption with Harley getting to know a new family before making a move.

June 29, 2021 - It is not a good month for Harley. He had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow for med review for the collapsed trachea; but woke up ill this morning. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and admitted for IV fluids. Hopefully he will be feeling better in a couple of days.
Please keep our little buddy in your prayers.

June 11, 2021 - Harley was seen at the vet today and diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. He had started coughing recently when barking and/or playing. He has been started on medications for 2 weeks and then will be re-evaluated.

6/27/2020 - We have found that Harley needs a Cytopoint injection every 4 - 6 weeks for allergies/itching. He also needs to be bathed weekly.

3/30/2020 - We have found that Harley has recurrent skin
issues/allergies. Cytopoint has helped the itch, but his hair gets super oily only a few days after a bath. We are trying different shampoos to see what may work.

1/27/2020 - Well, this is one we in rescue have heard so many times. Girl gets yorkie and he is her baby, girl gets married years later and has human baby, and the four legged baby must go. :(

Unfortunately for Harley, the date they chose to let him go was Thanksgiving. We have promised Harley that his next Thanksgiving will be full of love, belly rubs, kisses and treats with a family that will never give him up.

Harley is a sweet boy and sleeps on a pillow next to his foster mom's head. He gets along well with the easy going pups in the house, cuddling with a couple of them from time to time. He tends to be a bit nervous around a lot of activity, so we are looking for a quiet household.

He is very good about going outside to go to the bathroom and comes right back inside. He goes to the door and looks at his foster mom to let him out. Keep in mind that sometimes they do have accidents and things can vary from home to home so don't expect perfection in the housebreaking department!

Harley does have some skin issues due to allergies. This was reported to us when he was surrendered. He recently had some issues and responded well to Cytopoint.

His teeth were a mess when he came to us and a dental was done where he ended up losing 22 teeth. He recovered quickly and eats very well! He is on canned food with some water mixed in.

Harley's blood work looked very good. He does not seem to have any issues other than allergies ... oh, and he does have luxating patellas which is common in yorkies. Best to keep him from jumping up and down on things. Harley walks up steps to his foster mom's furniture!

This is a charming little guy with a whole lot of love to share with someone. <3

1/3/2020 - Harley is a 10 year old owner surrender.
Harley's Donors:
Nancy Leicht
Scott Quinn Terry Romero Corkhill Julie Richard
Lorie Rothman Terri Duffy Puma Jose Gonzalez
Rob Hall LucyHall Heather Frank
Katie Rosebraugh Pam Bunn Louis DiBernardo
Karin M Holt Ed Guise Karen, Jaxxon Kit & Minnie Pearl Walker
Vickie Moore Vickie Moore Richard DeCosta
Vicki Dykes Lisa Cowan Diane Fanelle
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Mariko Hernandez

Name: Kaia
Gender: Female
Age: 7 months
Weight: 7.4
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Kaia, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

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1/23/23 - Now, coming down the runway modeling our newest line of faux fur, is Kaia, a female Yorkie/Terrier mix who starting her modeling career at the young age of 6 months. Doesn’t she look stunning in this one piece jumper outfit fitting snug and showing every curve? Watch out Kaia Gerber, there is a new model in town! They tell me that my name is of Hawaiian derivation and one of the meanings is “the one with the beautiful body”. Honey, I know that’s true!!

I absolutely love to play and wish for another younger, playful pup in my next home. I am respectful of, and will lay with, the older pups here in my foster home too. Since I love people so much, it only seems right that I should be sleeping in the human bed where my peeps are. Foster mom says I eat like a champ twice per day. I make a happy plate each time.

There is this basket at my foster mom’s home and it has so many toys in it. Santa was good! I love them all! I take them out, play, play, play, foster mom puts them back in, and I start over. I’ve also been known to try to make the outside toys (leaves and sticks) into inside toys. I love ALL people and will give and want to get attention from everyone. However, I’m not as clingy as some puppies. Even though I like attention, I’m good to play with my toys or another dog, or just lay in the sun or run around the backyard. But, with that being said, I still want my human in my presence. I can get underfoot sometimes, so a home without children would be the safest. As far as puppies go, I’m doing ok on my potty training, but let’s get real, my bladder is the size of a pea, so I’m going to make mistakes. I have used the pee pads, but go outside as well. Routine will be a major factor for me at my age.

If my new parent(s) have one of those pooch pouch slings, I won’t complain, because I love being held and sitting in foster mom’s lap. This is when I do my best face cleaning. Your face that is. Foster mom hasn’t heard me in full bark mode yet. Even when the others are barking, I might just let out a little growl. Some household noises scare me a tiny bit, but brooms, those I hate. If you own one and you get me, in the trash it goes. I’m a hard player when it’s another pup my age and size. I’m more respectful of the older ones and can be more timid around them. I’m not as happy when there is a larger dog around, so can we keep my new home to just small ones please. Sometimes I can be brave and full of myself, at other times, it’s monkey see, monkey do… I’m the follower.

Foster mom grooms me and she says I am the best. I like to be pretty. The word mischief usually runs alongside the word puppy, so can you believe that I do not chew on cords or other things I’m not supposed to? Not saying it could not happen, but I’m more about toys, dogs and people than in things that don’t look like fun. Might can attribute this to the fact that I am very smart too. I have already learned to sit for treats. Yep, I like treats. My foster mom and I go in the car quite a bit and I do just fine in my car seat. I usually fall asleep.

I love all people and don’t meet a stranger. I love, love, love people wanting to cuddle me, hold me, kiss me, let me clean their face…. You get it? Sometimes if I get really excited and it’s been a while since I’ve gone, I tinkle a little. Don’t make fun. I also wiggle my whole butt and my tail when I’m excited, so that cuteness cancels out my mistake. And, I’m getting better with it. I’m just a baby!

I’m just starting out and already have so much to offer. So, you wanna hitch your wagon to this star? I’m gonna go far.

Kaia's Donors:
Karen Walker

Name: Kimmie
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Weight: 9
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $450

For more information on Kimmie, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Kimmie
5/13/2022 - Kimmie had her follow up CT Scan at the dentist today and we are happy to report that her fractures are healing well. She sends kisses to everyone who donated towards her care.

4/3/2022 - Ok, I’ll just start off by letting you know that I realize that I am not the most adoptable pup in the world. I really have a fear of humans right now. Some humans have really worked me over in my lifetime and it’s just not that easy letting my guard down.

I don’t exactly remember when, but I was kicked out into this cruel world to fend for myself. I obviously wasn’t doing that great of a job since one of those huge things with four wheels ran me down. It was all a blur of pain and being moved around at that time.

I finally ended up in a nice foster home with Yorkie Haven Rescue and my foster mom is helping me heal and learn to trust humans again. She took me to a special dentist who said I had a lot of fractures in my jaw and face but that I would heal in time. The doctor told my foster mom I am a lucky girl because my teeth are still ok and my jaw had not moved, so I didn't need surgery or a splint. The first doctor that had seen me had put one on and I hated it. My foster mom is giving me soft food and she seems real nice. I am starting to let her pet me. I heard her tell people that she is giving me time to figure out that people aren’t wanting to hurt me. I hope she is right and my awful days are behind me, but to be totally honest, I’m afraid of people at this point. Now dogs, I love other dogs. Love to sleep by them, love to play with them, love to always be near them. My foster mom has other dogs and they are very kind to me; so, having another friendly dog in my future home will only help me to trust you more.

Quick movements frighten me. Also, while I will let my foster mom pet me now, most times it has to be on my terms. If she reaches for me I tuck my tail and run. I like her, I just am so afraid of being hurt again.
So now you’re probably thinking, “Why adopt this dog, she’s hopeless”. Well, Kimmie is not hopeless and this is your chance to really “adopt” and “rescue” a poor lost soul who will in time come around.

If you are able to provide this sweetheart with the patience and space she needs to learn that life from here on out will be good for her, Kimmie will, in time, reward you tenfold with her loyalty. She’s not going to greet you at the door right off with a big lick, she doesn’t want to cuddle up next to you on the sofa and watch a movie, but this baby is one that really deserves another chance at a life that she has missed out on at the hands of inhumane people.

4/2/2022 - Kimmie is doing well physically. She does not seem to have any issues with the multiple fractures of her jaw and face. She is eating well and has put on some much needed weight. She will be returning to the specialist in May for a follow up CT scan of her mouth.

She still has a long way to go. She is extremely timid but is starting to learn that the hands that feed her are not going to harm her. We have no idea how long she was a stray but she acts as if it was a very long time. She is doing very well with the other pups in her foster home.

Kimmie's Donors:
Linda Baldree
Rachelle Heiner Patti Day-Backman Richie Wong
Judi Adams Sara Boss Paige Mitchell
Kerstin Lemke William Ossakow Sherri Orr
Nancy Leicht Carrie Klotz Debbie Young
Debra Snow Becky Olaivar-Praznovsky William Ossakow
Sharon Davis Tanya Voelcker Doegbert Enterprises
Catherine Sansonetti Terri Hernandez Lisa Edwards
Katie Rosebraugh Charles Savage Karen Walker
Nera K Noslen Mary Applegate Cearley Valerie Engel
Sylvia Meese Brenda Horan Melissa Edwards
Kentisha Dunn Veronica Rodriguez Sherrie Sebesta Orr
Sandy Sherk Judy Pangaldan Colbert Carla Carlson-Wallace
Janet Moree Wannamaker Judi Adams Ginger Diane Mills
Debbie Oistad Tina Bender Surrency Katherine Barnoski
Jill Boaz Kerstin Lemke Sylvia Mease
Jean Vitale Judith McClure Cynthia Lynch
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Mariko Hernandez Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Sushi
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Weight: 4.2
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $500

For more information on Sushi, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Sushi
3/16/2023 - Sushi recently started have some neurological symptoms and also painful yelping. We doubled her Gabapentin dose and she has, thankfully, shown improvement.

Her post below explains her medical issues and care needed.

12/8/2022 - Sushi is doing well. She must remain on her medications around the clock.

Keppra every 8 hours.
Gabapentin every 8 hours
Omeprazole every 12 hours
She is no longer on prescription food.

Her medical diagnosis:
1. presumed microvascular dysplasia
2. caudal occipital malformation (COMS) and associated congenital issues
3. epilepsy
4. possible movement disorder

Sushi is a happy, social pup! Due to her medical issues and size, she is not available to a home with young children. Sushi is a happy pup and loves to play with her foster siblings. Her future home should have at least one other young, small pup that loves to play!

She is coming along in the housebreaking department, but does have some accidents.

She loves to cuddle at night with her human.

It is advised that her adoptive home have access to, not only regular veterinary care, but also a neurologists and vet dentist. She has twice had issues with seizures after being anesthetized so special care must be taken.

Sushi's medical/neurological conditions are not "curable" but are "treatable". She should be fine as long as her meds are continued. She does have occasional yelping episodes which may be related to fluid on her brain, or the fact she is a bit of a drama queen. Difficult to determine but thankfully they are short lived.


9/1/2022 - Sushi had her MRI on Aug 29 and a spinal was also done. She was discharged that afternoon and is doing well.

Her diagnosis:
1. Suspect paroxysmal dyskinesia (unclassified movement disorder)
2. Suspect idiopathic epilepsy
3. Caudal occipital malformation with mild ventriculomegaly

Her meds have been adjusted and she was put on a prescription diet - Royal Canin Hydrolyzed

We so appreciate your donations and sweet messages about Sushi.

8/27/2022 - Sushi started having some neurological issues and after being treated for two days, she started having increased seizures in spite of medications being increased. She had been to the vet a couple of times and by yesterday evening, it had become an emergency. She was hospitalized last night at the Specialty Hospital and will be there until at least Monday, 8/29/22, when she will be transferred to the neurological service in the hospital. She is currently in ICU being very closely monitored and medicated. She is in the same hospital that originally diagnosed her with epilepsy and COMS and in very good hands.

1/6/2022 - Sushi is a happy pup and loves to play with her foster siblings. Her future home should have at least one other young, small pup that loves to play!
She is coming along in the housebreaking department, but does have some accidents.
She loves to cuddle at night with her human.
She was seen by the neurologist in November and her meds are the same. Sushi's medical/neurological conditions are not "curable" but are "treatable". She should be fine as long as her meds are continued. She does have occasional yelping episodes which may be related to fluid on her brain, or the fact she is a bit of a drama queen. Difficult to determine but thankfully they are short lived.
She remains on:
Keppra every 8 hours
Gabapentin every 8 hours
Omeprazole every 12 hours.
She will need a follow up MRI in September 2022 and anyone interested in adopting Sushi should be able to provide neurology follow up, tests and meds as needed.

11/16/2021 - Sushi is doing pretty well. She has some occasional yelping due to what we assume is pain from fluid build up. She has not had further seizures. She will be seeing the neurologist this week for a follow up.
She is on the following meds daily:
Keppra every 8 hours
Gapapentin every 8 hours
Omeprazole every 12 hours

9/20/2021 - Sushi had the brain MRI today. It revealed that she has caudal occipital malformation (COMS) and associated congenital issues. These structural changes may lead to seizures and other neurological deficits. We are starting Sushi on an oral antacid which has been shown to decrease cerebrospinal fluid production and may alleviate clinical signs. She also will continue her anti epileptic medication. Additionally, she will be on Gabapentin as needed for pain. Results of the spinal tap are pending.
Thank you to everyone for your kind words and for your donations that made it possible for us to find out what was going on with Sushi so that we can help her.

9/20/2021 - Due to increasing seizures Sushi has been seen by the neurologist and is having a MRI and other tests done this today. Will update as we know more.

Sept 1, 2021 - UPDATE: Sushi most likely does not have a liver shunt based on the CT scan; but, we are to repeat bile acids in 4 - 6 months. She likely has microvascular dysplasia.

She has had some breakthrough seizures, so a neurological consult is scheduled for October 6th since it is unlikely the liver issue is what is causing these seizures.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and prayed for Sushi. We could not do what we do for these pups without all of you. <3

August 30, 2021 - Sushi is having a CT Scan & Angiography today to rule out a liver shunt.

8/23/21 - Sushi came to us with a history of seizures which are presently controlled with medications.

Her bile acids are elevated and her xray revealed a small sized liver. She was referred by our vet to Internal Med Specialists and was seen there today. They sent a Protein C sample out today. Further treatment will be determined after the test results are back.

Her vet bills as of today are $990.

Donations for Sushi are appreciated.
Sushi's Donors:
Sharon Davis
Jacquie Perez Nancy Leicht Judith Graham-Burgess
Kerstin Lemke Jennifer Aaron Morken Nancy Leicht
Sandy Burton Jessica Eubanks Lizbeth Morris
Carla Carlson-Wallace Sheryl Moulden Diana Levin
Linda Baldree Brenda Horan Katie Rosebraugh
Marilyn Randall Sherrie Orr Connie Goetz
Sheryl Moulden Tori Tyler Richard DeCosta
Linda DuBois Sue Love Robin Malatino
Rachelle Heiner Maryann Sorey Anne Rolecki
Jackie Pittenger Paige Mitchell Kim Buchanan
Mary Swearingen Mary Swearingen Tracy Cunningham
Kristan Lee Hart Angela Julian Elaine Diver
James Kopf, Jr. Conny McClary Cynthia Lynch
Kerstin Lemke Erwin Enriquez Maxwell Enriquez
Kerstin Lemke Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke
Ed Guise Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Effie Coliukos
Kerstin Lemke Sherrie Sebesta Orr Steve Anzalone
Carrie Schadle Margie Pickens Kerstin Lemke
Nancy Leicht Linda Baldree Katie Rosebraugh
Ron Morgan Sylvia Mease Allen Vanvalkenburg
Lisa Edwards Conny McClary My Expensive Addiction
Sharon Davis Shane Carter Paige Mitchell
Jackie Pittenger Belinda Smith Russell Foster
Kerstin Lemke Vicki Dykes Vicki Dykes
Marcia Blair Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kentisha Dunn Mariko Hernandez
Ginger Gist Ginger Gist Nicholas Patel

Name: Teddy
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Weight: 13.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $325

For more information on Teddy, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Teddy
3/16/23 - Good Morning All. Teddy here. I was looking up the meaning of my name the other day, you know, just being curious, and the first thing I read: “a piece of women’s underwear”. I mean, REALLY? Then I read: “a soft toy bear”. Now, that’s more like it. That’s me! But since Webster’s Dictionary did not give more details, I’ll go ahead and fill you in a lot more about this soft Teddy Bear.

My previous family wasn’t able to keep me any longer so put in a call to Yorkie Haven Rescue. My foster mom picked me up and here I am. I’ve gone to the dogtor where “14”, YES, “14” teeth of mine were evicted from my mouth for being too messy. And then, shhhhh, they took my manhood away. Honestly, it’s all good, because I’m such a glass is half full type guy, I just know that all of that was done in my best interest.

So, I’m now feeling much better since my cone of shame is off my head and I’m living it up in my foster home. Mom has 2 other young furbabies in the house that I love to play with, but there is also 2 other geriatric furbabies that I love to lounge with. I truly haven’t met a dog or person that I don’t like. I see the best in all God’s humans and creatures.

I sleep in the big bed with my foster mom and absolutely have to be touching her all night. She moves, I move. I’m a great eater. When foster mom has to leave the house, me and my fur-siblings have the run of the house. I’m a good boy. I don’t chew on anything, don’t mess up anything and don’t throw any parties.

I have become VERY attached to foster mom and am sure I will do the same with my next mom. My motto is everything is better done in pairs. I love sitting in laps, next to you, being held, giving non-stop kisses, and basically anything else that involves a connection between my human and I.

Not majorly interested in toys, but if the other dogs are playing with them, I might pick one up every now and then. Proud to say that I am doing well in the potty department, but foster mom works from home and we do have a doggy door that is unlocked during the day and she can watch us. But do understand that my bladder is small, so mistakes might happen.

I walk very well on a harness/leash and love to go for walks, as well as riding in the car. I do have a high-pitched bark that I will use at various times. One of those times is when I see the birds and squirrels in the backyard. I pretty much go with the flow here at my foster home. I’m not a roll-over and play passive type guy, but definitely don’t need to be in charge. I’m also good at sharing attention with the other dogs.

I feel I can also be an only dog if you don’t have any others at the current time since I love my humans so much. Just consider me the best male companion you could ever find. I am up for just about anything my human is doing. You want to watch a movie – I’’ll grab the popcorn; going on a walk – let me grab my harness/leash; doing a little gardening – let’s put on out sun hats and sunscreen. I am happiest when I am with my person.

I went back and read my bio to make sure everything was ok. I sure do sound great. OMG, I cannot believe I’m for adoption. Someone out there is going to be very, very lucky to be able to give me their last name.

Teddy's Donors:

Name: Webster AKA Dennis the Menace
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Weight: 10.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Webster AKA Dennis the Menace, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Webster AKA Dennis the Menace
I think y’all have misunderstood me because of my nickname. I am, just like Dennis the Menace was, an energetic, loving little guy who is just a bit mischievous at times. Nothing a lot of exercise and understanding won’t cure.

I love, love, love my foster home! I have pups to play with here and they have taught me to be a dog! When I first arrived in my foster home, I was what they call unsocialized. Patience and love has molded me into a fantastic boy. My foster mom tells me that all the time. She says I am a very good boy! I would love to stay here, but she said I need my own home with a more active human caring for me. The last two things that need work are housebreaking (but I will wear a belly band with no complaints) and my habit of barking at the TV.

At first I didn’t even understand being on a lap and being loved on. Things like hair dryers and vacuum cleaners set me off. I am largely desensitized to most of the things that bothered me. I still don’t like the hair dryer in my face, but I actually don’t mind being groomed at all and I LOVE to be brushed in between groomings.

I also love to sit on foster mom’s lap and I give kisses. These are things I have leaned here. At first I pretty much avoided human contact. Crates totally freaked me out. They are a definite NO in my forever home. I spent WAY too much time in one in my first year of life. The people who bought me as a puppy clearly didn’t understand how to socialize a puppy. Thank goodness they found YHR because I now see a happy life ahead of me!

Oh, I have also learned to “sit” and “shake hands”. Foster mom says I am super smart. She tells me I would probably be great at agility.

I need a younger, active forever home where I can continue to blossom! If you are not addicted to the television and love walking, maybe hiking, just generally doing fun active things that dogs love, I may be just the guy for you!

Webster AKA Dennis the Menace – We know, we know. He is adorable. All fluffy and handsome and innocent looking, like a dog you can trust with your secrets. Don’t be fooled. Yes, he is a great listener. But inside that innocuous adorable black and tan package exists tons – indeed, whole square miles – of naughty.

It's true: Webster can be a jerk, and there are many reasons you should not adopt him; but he can also be a kissie face adorable yorkie so there are also many reasons to adopt him. We believe in full disclosure and the right fit for each of our fosters. So....here goes the full disclosure on Webster AKA Dennis.

Do you like watching television in peace? Not with Webster in the house. He is so smart, he will sit and stare at the tv and if the hears a dog bark or anything that sets him off, he alerts….. well, EVERYONE. Even if he is in another room and hears something on tv, he comes running to stare at it and bark incessantly. And his bark is LOUD!

Do you own a crate? Do you plan on crate training your next dog? WRONG! Webster hates crates. He will actually rip things up and drag the crate around the room. There isn’t a pill made to fix this scenario. However, he is fine in a room with a gate or loose in the house if you must leave.

Looking for a new dog that is past the destructive phase? Keep on looking! It’s like having a toddler in the house. If there is any paper on the counter where he can reach it or if it falls to the floor, he will quickly run under the bed with it to make confetti. He is food motivated, so you can divert his attention to pick up the pieces.

Wanting a baby to watch movies with and share popcorn? No and No! Webster’s middle name is ENERGY. He will need another active pup in the home to play with and continue to learn from, as well as active parents that like to go for walks, etc.

Placing him a home with any senior pups isn’t going to work as he can be aggravating and obnoxious while all along thinking he is being cute with them. He currently wears a belly band because he will still hike his leg, but he is getting better about doing his business outside or on a pee pad. He is not the dog to let outside and be unattended. If he gets bored and finds a way out, he’s gone. Also, he will need to be watched around open doors.

He absolutely loves playing fetch with squeaky balls. He is getting better with grooming, but isn’t in love with the dryer in his face. He doesn’t really sleep with his foster mom and other pups. He usually ends up snoozing in chair or dog bed somewhere. This could change with less dogs in the mix.

With all this being said, Webster has come a long way from when he first entered his foster home. But, let’s face it, unless you're looking for a dog that will keep you on your toes, laughing AND crying, Webster is not the dog for you. We know, we know. He's super loyal, cute, the smartest foster we’ve ever had, and a lot of fun; but as we said in the beginning, he’s kind of a jerk. But he's a jerk we believe in and have come to love. Crazy how that works, huh?

After reading this, we're not expecting you to run and fill out an application. But, if you are as nuts about dogs as we are, love a challenge, are looking for the dog of a lifetime, we won't stop you. Go ahead, fill out the application…. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

7/8/22 -My name is Merriam-Webster, but everyone calls me Webster for short. I know, I’m named after a dictionary. Wish my original humans would have looked up the word puppy in the dictionary before purchasing me and educated themselves so I wouldn’t be up for adoption right now. Anyway, this is my story on how I came to be a Yorkie Haven pup.

I was purchased when I was just week’s old by an older couple that wanted a yorkie puppy. As is actually very common, this couple did not give thought to how much work it takes to take care of a puppy. Unfortunately for me, since I was the only dog in the home, I was not socialized with other animals, or too many humans for that matter. This made me turn into a “Dennis the Menace”/“Bull in a China Shop” without an energy outlet to save me. My human parents tired of me quickly and were fed up essentially because I was simply “being a puppy”. Since I can become afraid to the point of destruction with a crate, it’s probably safe to say that I was kept in a crate a good bit as punishment for my energy. SO, NO CRATES PLEASE!

Foster mom says that I am just a little rough around the edges and with a little positive reinforcement, I’m going to be a great addition to a family. I’ve been told I can be very sweet.

I’m not housebroken yet, and currently wear something called a belly band. They are pretty awesome since if I raise my leg to mark on something, I don’t get in trouble because I don’t mess up anything…. Except for my diaper. Lol

I love to play fetch with squeaky balls and would love another active pup to play with and learn from. Going to a home with older dogs probably would not be best since I can be a bit of a pest. I reach out to play and hit them in the face with my paws and can be a badger at times. I’m sure I would be great as an only pet too as long as there’s plenty to keep me busy and I’m not left for long periods (remember, I was given up because no energy outlet made me a “bad dog”.) I like to start my night off sleeping in the bed with foster mom, but eventually get out and into a dog bed. It’s a little too crowded up there for me. So again, either an only dog, or just one or two more and the bed should have plenty space then.

I do good with a bath, but the noise of the dryer and the blowing in my face, not a fan. I’m sure this will get better with time, but if you want to offer me treats during my spa time, I might come around a lot quicker.

I’ll end my story with asking you to look up the word “lucky” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. You will find: 1. Having good luck; 2. Happening by chance; 3. Producing or resulting in good by chance; AND, 4. SOMETHING YOU WILL BE IF YOU ADOPT WEBSTER! I might have added that last one myself, but you will never know unless you adopt me now, will you? 😊

Webster AKA Dennis the Menace's Donors:
Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke
Kerstin Lemke Kerstin Lemke