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Name: Gigi
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Weight: 6
Location: AL
Adoption Fee: $325

For more information on Gigi, contact foster parent at: alyorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Gigi
8/14/15 - Gigi here. Wanted to update on the progress of my allergies. I am doing very well and just get 1 bath weekly in Malesab. The Atopica is working wonders and I have now been able to go to 1 pill every other day. My hair is filling in where I was bald and I am feeling so much better. I have even started to play with toys and have attempted to play with my foster siblings as well. Gave foster mom a kiss the other day as well. Boy, I cannot believe this is what it feels and looks like to be a normal dog. It has been so long since I have looked and felt ok, that I just assumed that was normal. Not anymore. The sky's the limit!!!

7/17/14 - Hi there! My name is Gigi. Mine could be a sad story, but since Iím of the attitude that the glass is half full, I donít look to the past, just to the future. So, in looking to the future, I visited a psychic and started daydreaming as she told me about the life that I would soon lead: ďYou are a very lucky young lady. Soon a loving family will want you to join them. I see you inside a house, playing with toys, eating the best foods and getting weekly baths.Ē WEEKLY BATHS! I came to just around the time she mentioned that and starting shaking that crystal ball. I think I got the glitch out, but just so everyone knows, not a fan of the baths. I hear that they are mandatory and I donít have a choice.

Gigi was first surrendered to a shelter by her original owners because she had severe allergies. Well, she was adopted by a family who had all good intentions of get those allergies taken care of, but just werenít going the correct route for this babyís skin. So that family surrendered her to YHR and she is now in a foster home that has experience with furbabies with severe allergies. Itís really rather simple, Gigi is on Atopica. It is a pill that, currently, is being taken daily. Now, sometimes, the dose can be backed off a little, but since Gigi has just started this regimen and is doing very well on it, it will be a little while before we try to lower the amount. She takes the 10 mg and Atopica can be purchased online at drsfosterandsmith.com for $58 dollars for 30 pills which currently last her a month. Oh, another thing we should tell you, not a fan of taking pills either, but these are also mandatory.

She is co-existing great with the other pups in the foster home, but hasnít started to want to play with any of them yet, although she will nap laying up against them. She seems to have taken more of a liking to foster dad, but also loves foster mom. We think that since foster mom gives the UNWANTED baths and the UNWANTED pills, she seems to be a little more wicked. She will play with toys if you get down and play with her, but like all yorkies, needs to be entertained. She is doing well with potty training, but has had some accidents which are always expected. She loves exploring the backyard, so will need a secure fenced in yard to sun in. She is slowly, but surely learning to like to be held and sit on laps and has even recently given a couple of sweet kisses. She gets really excited when you first get home. Gigi is definitely not an alpha and has a timid and scared personality. Her foster mom and dad are giving her the confidence that she never had and will teach her to be spoiled if it is the last thing they do.

With all of this information given, are you the family that can make ďallĒ of Gigiís psychicís predictions come true? If you think so, please fill out the online adoption application.

Gigi's Donors:
Jennifer & Gus Dimitrelos

Name: Oliver
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Weight: 4
Location: AL
Adoption Fee: $325

For more information on Oliver, contact foster parent at: alyorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Oliver
1/20/15 - Why is it you think that people get a pet, promise to love it until the end of time, and then ďWHAMĒ, out of nowhere we become ďhomelessĒ, ďfree to good homeĒ, ďput on the streetsĒ, ďturned over to animal controlĒ. It must feel very empowering to know that you have control to wreck the life of something that canít even speak. Even after thinking about all of this and knowing that if I could come back as a two-legger and would have much more control and power over things, I would still want to come back as a dog - we know no evil, only give unconditional love and that will be rewarded in the end.

Hi, my name is Oliver and my list of previous homes are really too many to mention. Seems my last home was very chaotic with multiple children and other dogs. After escaping, or accidentally being let out by the tykes, they willingly gave me up to a lady who found me roaming. She couldnít keep me, but promised to find a good rescue for me so that I could be placed correctly by my personality and needs. Finally, something about me. These people get it!

Let me explain myself to you so we can see if we are a fit. First and foremost, definitely no children. I would love to sleep with my parents. In my foster home, there are other pups and itís too crowded for me, so sometimes I sleep in the big bed, sometimes I choose to go it alone. Iím a very active boy. I love squeaking my toys and bark to engage you in a human/dog game of tug-o-war. You notice I said human/dog. Well, itís not that I hate other dogs, but Iíd truly like a home of my own with no other pups or a very laid back one that I donít realize is there. A cat is optional since they donít really invade space. This is not because Iím an alpha or anything; foster mom realizes I love attention and thrive on it. I need a home where I can be mommy and daddyís little man. I adore being carried around or just sitting in your lap while you pet me. So if youíve got errands that need to be run, let me be your co-pilot. Oh, this co-pilot likes to sit in your lap while you drive, but I realize that safety comes first.

Not a big fan of going outside, itís overrated. Foster mom has these things called puppy pads and they work just as well. The best part about my previous home(s) with the children was that a lot of table food seemed to drop on the floor or right into my mouth, so Iíve developed a bad philosophy of ďanything low enough is mineĒ. This includes food, paper, string, toilet paper, etc. As we know, this isnít good for us, so you do your part.

Iím a teensy little man with your typical yorkie knees, so should be lifted up and down off the furniture and bed and not allowed to jump. Foster mom has me on an Adequan shot once a month and it seems to make my joints wakeup. Joint supplements are always good too since we all know with age, comes arthritis. I am also currently on Tacrolimus which is an eye medicine. I apparently have dry eye and need these drops twice daily for help with production of tears. This medicine is approximately $50 for a 6 week supply. Can you say ďskip one expensive meal out and Oliverís meds are boughtĒ? LOL

I have a very sweet, but strong personality. If I donít want to do something, I just plant my butt down and donít move. I know, Iím only 4 lbs. and you can pick me up, just getting my point across. I love all people (adults) that I come into contact with. I adjust easily, as is obvious by my many moves, and given a little while, will make myself right at home.

I guess thatís all I have to tell you about me for now. If I think of anything else, Iíll update. Now, if youíll just fill out an application and tell me a little about you, Iím hoping to find my forever family soon so I can get away from all these other pups that I have to share space and time with.
Oliver's Donors:
Kentisha Dunn


Name: Berkeley
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 9.6
Location: CA
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Berkeley, contact foster parent at: cayorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Berkeley
2/19/15 - I just have to believe the old saying that "God doesn't make mistakes, so trust that when someone ends up in your past, they're there for a reason.Ē

Hi, my new name is Berkeley. New name, new start. I was brought to animal control picked up as a stray. No one came to claim me which made me sad, but my new foster mom and dad showed up to rescue me. God put my previous owners in my past and my new foster parents in my future. Iím a spiritual guy and trust his decisions. Seems things are already looking up for me since Iíve already been brought to the vet to address medical issues. Seems I donít have vision in my right eye due to an untreated ruptured ulcer. It doesnít hurt me now that itís cleaned up and no longer crusty. I also got my shots and a heartworm test. Seems God was looking out for me on the streets since I tested negative.

There are two other pups here at my foster home and one is playful so we have made friends ad play together. I get to sleep in the big bed with foster mom, foster dad and the other two furbabies. I donít have a mean bone in my body and will even share my food with the others if they walk over want to see if Iím eating something different from them. I absolutely love playing with toys and do not tear them up.

I currently wear a belly band so foster mom can teach me to go outside instead of inside. I do well when let out often enough. I do like being with my people and will jump up on the sofa to sit beside you and do not mind at all if you want to rub and love on me.

I will say that Iím not a huge fan of the baths, trimming, nail clipping, blow drying, etc. Just really was never focused on like that before, so it will take some time for me to get that cave man mentality out of my mind. So trips to the groomer may prove stressful for a while on everyone involved. Since I do like to ride in the car, the trip to the groomer will be fine. Lol

The vet estimated my age at 9 years, so like fine wine, Iíve aged to perfection. So, who out there wants to love a perfected, not-so-perfect man with a lot of love and devotion to give?

1/29/15 - BIO COMING SOON!
Berkeley's Donors:
Antoinette Lowery


Name: Brandi
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Weight: 5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $500

For more information on Brandi, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Brandi
2/22/15 - I'VE BEEN ADOPTED!

1/24/15 - Brandiís the name and being cute is my game. I hear that Iím looking for a new crib and some people. Thatís sad, but let me tell you, my situation is 100% better than it has been in a very long time. Seems some good samaritans found me pretty much tangled up in some bushes. I was very matted, nails were long and looked like I had not been taken care of in a very long time. Since Iím estimated to be only 2 years old, I guess you can say my life probably has sucked since I entered this world. These people brought me to the vet and got me spayed (vet said I looked to be a ďworkingĒ dog from the looks of my undercarriage, got shots and a well needed groom.

I thought everything was good and life would just be great. Not so, seems that my new family was a little too active for me. With two children and a mom and dad that work, I was a basket case. Donít get me wrong, I totally appreciate them saving me, just wasnít the right fit for me and I wasnít the right fit for them. So, they reached out to rescue and Iím now in a foster home with a mom and dad who has asked me what I want in my next and last home. By George, I think it just might work this time. By me letting you know what I want and need, there is no way we can go wrong. Iím mean, Iím actually placing my order for new parents.

I do like to play and would probably do great with another playful dog my size. Since foster mom and dad let me sleep in the bed with them, my next parents will have to do the same. Iím doing well on potty habits, just as long as you donít expect me to hold it hours on end. I love foster mom and dad, but I have to say, Iím a tad more in love with foster dad. So, Iíll need one of those. I love to play with toys, so need one of those baskets that hold a lot and need it filled. I like to run and play in the backyard, but it must be secure since I tend to be a bit nosy and might see an opening as an opportunity to explore. (This might be how I ended up stray). I do love me some sofa time with my people and absolutely adore being held and sitting in laps. I am not shy about barking and will alert you to all kinds of things.

Foster mom says that Iíll probably be shy at first when I move again, but act like Iíve always been there once Iím comfortable. A bit on the confident side.

Foster mom and dad say that I am quite entertaining and a bit of a comedian. I even do this thing where I'll lay flat on my belly and pulled myself across the floor, grass, carpet, rug with my back feet stretched out... well, I guess you have to be there to appreciate the cuteness. So basically you would be getting a pet, companion, fur-child and entertainment all in one.

Well, thatís what I want and need! Please apply online!

1-19-15 - BIO COMING SOON!
Brandi's Donors:

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Carter
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Weight: 4.9
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $375

For more information on Carter, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Carter
12/2/14 - Carter will begin his heartworm treatment tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/3). He would appreciate all your prayers that all goes well and those nasty worms start to die off. Carter said that since he in this predicament, he would like to this opportunity to stress the importance of monthly heartworm preventative.

11/6/14 - Iím just going to give it to you straight because Iím a straightforward kinda guy. My name is Carter and I used to live outside in a backyard with a dog house. I didnít receive heartworm prevention, so am heartworm positive now. My family decided to surrender me to rescue; so I am now in a foster home with other pups, sleeping in the bed with humans and we only go outside to do potty business. I always do my business when I go outside, but since Iím not used to living in the house, I still tend to want to mark in various places. So, I wear this thing called a belly band which foster mom says is the equivalent of a diaper for dogs. Gosh, talk about embarrassing. Oh well, it makes foster mom and dad happy, itís helping me to learn not to potty inside, and belly band or not, Iím still the most adorable thing EVER.

I will be starting my heartworm treatment on 12/1/14, so won't be available until after I have completed treatment and test negative. Usually 8-12 weeks. But 'd like to start accepting applications now so I can already have my new address lined up once I'm done.

I love my humans and once comfortable, seem to want to try to play with other pups. I LOVE playing with squeaky toys and LOVE giving kisses. Foster dad says that I am just the best little sleeping partner ever. I will lay on his chest in his arm and sleep all night. I do fine with a bath and blow dry and eat my food great. I know what you are thinking, where are my flaws? Well, I do have a tiny one.... If I am sitting in someoneís lap, and another person tries to pick me up, I will bite at them. Foster mom says we need to work on this, but doesnít think it is the end of the world or will hinder me getting the best family ever. She says that most yorkies have a Napoleon complex and Iím no different. You just have to beware that picking me up or forcing yourself on me when I am with my person will get you my best teeth showing face and a bite. We are all learning each other and Iím realizing that I donít have to protect who Iím with. Iíve just never had humans with me all the time like this and donít want anyone invading our space when itís cuddle time. You can respect that, right? If so, fill out an application for me. If not, donít!

Carter's Donors:
Juan Tijerina
Nancy MeinershagenAdrienne RuthLorie Reyes
Kray Kray Management IncKray Kray Management IncDiana Lewis
Marcella StrubToni BorenSheila Leverentz
Vicki DykesLaura JonesJan Gautreaux
Anna Eliza Svartman DiasBrian BurtLauretta Griffin
Nancy LeichtJoe & Kathy MillsJacqueline Lawson
Pat ChesneyCindy ChaoDonna Hoblack

Pictures Videos
Name: Desiree
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Weight: 5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Desiree, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Desiree
11/12/14 - Desiree is getting around great on three legs. She has no idea that she is special needs. And, we don't tell her. This little gal has spunk and attitude. She would do best in a home with no children and no other animals. She loves being the center of attention and after all she's been through, she deserves it. She is such a great baby and will keep you laughing. She LIVES for belly rubs and will plop down and roll over in a second if she even thinks you may want to rub her belly. If you are in the market for a little girl with big attitude, look no more. Desiree is here and waiting on your application.

5/22/14 - Desi had surgery to remove her non working limb and is now home and recuperating fine. It has been a long road for this baby, but you'd never know it from her personality and attitude.

5/10/14 - Unfortunately, at the most recent visit with the surgeon, he confirmed that despite all of our best efforts to save Desi's leg, there is just no growth taking place of the bone. This leads us to the next decision. Since Desi has been used to using just three legs for, we assume, close to a year and her broken leg is basically a fibrous non-union and just in her way, it will be in her best interest for us to have one more surgery and remove the non-functioning limb. Desi maneuvers around, runs, jumps and any other activity you can think of just as one of our four-legged fosters. We know that getting this swinging limb out of her way will free her up even more. She is currently scheduled for this surgery on May 20th.

A different outcome would have been great, but it is what it is and Desi knows no difference and is still a cutie patootie with attitude. Oh, speaking of attitude, since she doesn't have any hardware in her leg any longer and doesn't have to be on crate rest, she is proving to be quite the alpha and showing that she will insist on being the only diva in the household. To that end, Desi will need to go to a home with no other pups so she will not feel compelled to snap at them. lol Since she is so clingy and follows her human EVERYWHERE and NON-STOP, we are sure that this one yorkie will be quite enough for some lucky family. Due to her size, she cannot go t a home with any children.

4/20/14 - At Desi's last recheck, the specialist was not pleased with the progress of Desi's healing. It seems that it is now at a point where it doesn't seem to be getting any better. We were so hopeful that this surgery would make her whole again, but it seems that the bone is just not healing and he says it is a fibrous nonunion.

One thing is for sure, Desi doesn't not act like there is anything wrong and gets around just fine holding her leg up. We are hoping with time that she will start to at least realize that she can touch her toe to the ground for balance and at least use it in that way. Either way this precious little girl is the poster child for "the glass is half full" and is so sweet, loving, active and happy. Three or four working legs aren't going to taper her zest for life. She is a little velcro pup and would love to be the only princess or have another pup in the home that doesn't play too rough.

3/19/14 - Desi went for x-rays today and is healing well. She still needs to take it slow and be careful, but is moving right along. We wish it was at a faster pace that the bone was healing, but due to the amount of time that this baby's leg was fractured before getting treatment, it is assumed it was at least 7-8 months, it is healing best as can be expected. Her foster mom is very proud of her progress and thinks she is just the most awesome baby ever and can't believe she went through so much pain in her previous life.

3/3/14 - desi went to the vet today and had x-rays and all seems to be healing okay. She still has to be on crate rest for two more weeks and then goes back for additional x-rays.

2/11/14 - Desi is still recovering from surgery and is having to be kept very still so as not to mess-up the healing process. She is such a happy little girl that acts as if she didn't just have surgery, so her foster mom is really having to stay on top of her and either hold her or keep her crated with a blanket over the crate or she will bounce in her crate. lol We hope to have an update soon once we go back to the doctor for x-rays. Please say a prayer for little Desi that this works and she can bounce around on all 4 paws again soon.

1/23/14 - Desi is now home after having her femur fracture surgery and is being confined so her break can heal properly. This is somewhat of a tough one for her foster mom since Desi got so used to accommodating with her broken limb and it didn't get her down, so now she wants to live it up.

Her foster mom chose the name Desiree because it means ďdesired oneĒ. Desiís previous owners obviously did not feel that she was a ďdesired oneĒ and they also didnít ďdesireĒ to take care of her. They let her roam the streets and she was picked up by animal control on different occasions. This last time, she unfortunately had the broken femur. No one knows how it happened, but lucky for Desi that this break gave her the release from her previous jail. She was not released back to her owners (in part because they did not want her back---what upstanding dog owners) and instead Yorkie Haven Rescue was called to take this baby in. She has now been spayed, had her teeth cleaned, her femur fracture repaired and now all there is to do is rest and recover.

Desi is such a sweetheart that loves all people. She eats really well and is doing ok on her potty training if let out often enough. She is small and has a tiny bladder, so she will not go to a home where someone is gone long hours. Also, no children in the home for this little sweety. Sheís already had one broken bone and we intend for this to be her last.

Even with this trauma to her body, Desi is such a happy little girl and we just cannot get over how appreciative she is. She loves to be held and kissed on and will kiss her people in return. We are sure she has never had such treatment in her life, so we are going to make sure that it is all about Desi from here on out.

If you believe that you could possibly be the owners that Desi deserves, then fill out an application and let us know that she is a desired one and not just a dog to let roam the streets.

1/21/14 - Desiree had surgery to repair her broken femur and is recovering nicely. She had a plate and screws put in, but did not have to have a bone graft as originally thought. The bone was solid enough when they went in. This was very good news and now Desi will be on crate rest so her leg can heal. Thank you for all your prayers.

Desiree was picked up stray by animal control and traced the owners back via a microchip. Seems they didnít want her and just let her roam the streets. She has a fractured femur and will be having surgery to fix this along with all her other vetting, i.e., spay, dental, etc. that will need to be done. Please keep Desiree (Desi) in your prayers.
Desiree's Donors:
Betty Payne
Jeanie GeerStephen RidgillTerrie Varnado
Rachelle HeinerThe Jinks FamilyLisa Edwards
Mark DaviesHappy OlindeFrances Bennett
Tina RobichauxNancy LeichtKaren Shelby
Terry PendergastI.S. Store, LLCPatricia Jenkins
Brenda Van ValenAnnette LaRueJanna Afanasjeva
Ruben MontenegroPat ChesneyTina Robichaux
Jane BringolTina RobichauxTerry Pendergast
Tina RobichauxVicki Dykes

Name: Frasier
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Weight: 5.3
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $500

For more information on Frasier, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Frasier
1/26/15 - Poor Frasier had been with his previous mom and dad since he was a wee old tyke and was treated like a prince. Unfortunately, his human mom and dad decided they wanted to add a two legged prince and upon his arrival, Frasier let everyone know that he was having no part of this addition. His tantrums lead to being surrendered. So now, Frasier is looking for a home where he can be the prince once again without the interruption of any more babies/children.

He is such a lover and will climb up in any lap he can find to be petted and loved on. He also loves to give kisses and be held. He does like playing with other dogs his size and is fine with cats as well. He is young, so still has energy to him, but is really an all around great little man that seems to go with the flow. Frasierís glass is half full..... unless there are youngsters around. Lol

He loves sleeping in bed with his humans and is doing well on potty training. He is good with a bath and is getting better with the blow-dryer. Heís a hearty little eater, but will try his best to convince you to give him table food.

Frasier will make a perfect addition to a home with or without other dogs/cats. Without other pups his size, he will need a mom and dad that will play with him ALOT. He has quite the adaptable personality and is ready to join his new family. Would you be Frasierís Valentine?
Frasier's Donors:

Pictures Videos
Name: Gizmo II
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Weight: 5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Gizmo II, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Gizmo II

11/12/14 - Gizmo is doing great and obviously is ready for a new home. He is a sweet little guy that is very cat-like. He isn't smothering or clingy at all, but has learned from the yorkies to follow you around and want to keep up with where you are. He needs a very quiet home as he doesn't like chaos, activity or change. He would not do well in a home with children. He will play with toys and co-exists fine with other dogs, by doesn't want to play with them. He will come to bed at night with everyone, but after about an hour of the togetherness, he slithers out from under the covers and retreats to one of the dog beds. He has that Shih-tzu personality in wanting his space. He is a cutie and knows how to "sit pretty" and beg for a treat. He is also great in the potty department. He is a barker, so life in an apartment would not be for him. He would be a great addition to a couple that doesn't need a dog that constantly needs attention. He's independent, but sweet.

3/31/14 - Gizmo recently had his 3 month bile acid test after his liver shunt surgery and he is barking with joy. His results were: pre - 11 and post 1. In human talk, that is EXCELLENT!!! He is eating great, sleeping great, being adorable and sweet and willing to review any application that comes is way. Just understand that he is a very picky little fellow and will only choose the top of the line for his next family.

1/21/14 - It has been a week since Gizmoís Liver Shunt surgery and he is feeling good. Over the next 7 weeks we will monitor him and then take him back in for another bile acid test and are expecting everything to be good.

Gizmo is a little fighter and definitely has the zest for life. We are just glad that we got him in time to find out about his condition and fix it.

1/14/14 - The surgeon just called and said that Gizmo did well through surgery and is recovering nicely. He said it was one large shunt and all went well. Gizmo will be watched over the next 8 week period to make sure his body accepts the constrictor. He could go home as early as tomorrow evening if he eats well and does not have any complications.

1/10/14 - Gizmoís liver shunt surgery is scheduled for 1/14/14.

12/28/13 - Gizmo came into rescue approximately 3 weeks ago and we were waiting to see his personality come out before putting up his bio. But that was put on hold when during his visit to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital for his shots, heartworm test, regular vetting and a much needed dental cleaning, there were complications, Dr. Kulinski suspected that little Gizzy might possibly have a liver shunt. So, we waited on putting up his bio until all the visits with the specialists could be made and we could have a definitive diagnosis on the little man.

Well, his appointment with Dr. Landry at Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists was yesterday and it has been determined that Gizmo does have a single extra hepatic shunt that is about a centimeter in size. The good news is that it is operable and then Gizmo will be as good as new. Itís funny how these little babies bodies compensate as much as they can sometimes for problems. Gizmo is 7 years old and showed little to no symptoms that would have detected this until his dental.

His surgery will be set up in the next 2 weeks and he sure would like some puppy prayers sent his way during this time.

Gizmo came into rescue because his mom and dad had a baby and Gizmo went into a depression. He would just hide under the furniture and didnít want to be a part of the family and did not like the raised level of activity and noise in the house. They knew that he was unhappy, so opted to turn him over to YHR so we could find him a more appropriate home. Thank goodness, so that this medication condition could be found and fixed.

He is a tiny little fellow with a sweet face and a huge heart. He loves to be held next to you on your shoulder. True to the Shih-tzu personality, Gizmo isnít clingy (like the yorkies usually are). He is good just to lay by himself and check out where you are from time to time. He does love to be scratched on his bottom and the side of his face. He doesnít give kisses (another Shih-tzu trait). He does like squeaky toys and loves when you play with him with them. He is in a foster home with other pups and is co-existing fine, but hasnít attempted to play yet. We believe that if he were to get adopted to a home with a playful pup, he would play. Maybe after his surgery he will feel good enough to initiate some play with his current roommates.

He is great with a bath and blow dry. Doesnít really care to sleep in the bed with the humans and will use the benches and jump out every time you put him in the bed. He does LOVE burying himself under covers, so wherever there is a place to lay or a dog bed on the floor, there has to be a blanket so he can get under it.

Gizmo is a barker when the door bell rings or someone comes to the home. He is a true blue companion and once he settles in your home, everyone else visiting, he is unsure of. He will let them hold him and is great with all people, we just believe it is a protection mode at his own home. We are working on this and either pick him up when someone comes and let the visitor hold him until he sees that they arenít there to steal the family jewels or tap him on the nose and continue to reprimand him until everyone settles down and Gizmo sees he canít scare them back into their car and send them on their way. He is very much devoted to his home, family and pack.

We are anxious to see if any of Gizmoís personality will change with the closing of the shunt as we are sure that this condition has taken a toll on his little body in his short 7 years.

This is a genetic condition that is passed down from one of the parents of the pup and good breeders would not let a dog with this condition be bred. But such is life and thank God we were able to get this baby and help him before it was too late.

The work up yesterday, along with the additional vetting that was done during his dental has so far totaled $1,201.92. The general estimate at this time for the liver shunt surgery is $2,500 (including a discount). Gizmo said he knows that Christmas just passed and accounts are low, but any tiny amount donated will chip away at his mounting vet bills and would be greatly appreciated. He said if he liked to kiss, he would give you one, but since he doesnít, youíll have to settle for his heartfelt thanks and the satisfaction of knowing the helped this little man be whole again.

12/8/13 - BIO COMING SOON!
Gizmo II's Donors:
Lisa Edwards
Vicki DykesDenise DespositoSandy Chesnut
Nancy LeichtColleen GalvinLisa & Noel Darce
Pat ChesneyPatrick KinnaneBrenda Van Valen
Betty PayneAlayna KirkBrenda Van Valen
Pat Chesney

Name: Millie
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 8.8
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Millie, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Millie
11/12/14 - Millie is doing great. She currently takes Trilostane for her Cushings and Benazapril and Amlodipine for blood pressure. All of these are in the pill form and taken daily. She will eat ANYTHING put in a pill pocket, so giving her her medicine is a breeze. Millie is a sweetheart and does not demand a thing. She will take attention if you give it to her and if you are busy, she will go find one of her spots and take nap. Yes, Millie's Cushings is a disease that can not be cured, just managed, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't need a home and someone to love her. She is a very happy girl that doesn't take up much room and just lives everyday to the fullest. Someone would be blessed just to have her light up their house.

4/24/14 - So, Ms. Millie had her appointment with the specialist today and she does actually have early onset Cushings. Sometimes these tests are very difficult to read and her last negative test was actually positive. We will be starting Millie on Vetoryl and watching her to get the dosage regulated. Also today, they checked her blood pressure and it was very high. So Millie will also be on two blood pressure medications. The blood pressure meds were $30 for the two medicines combined. Once we know the amount of the Vetoryl for Cushings, we can post that so someone would know the monthly amount that would be needed for Millie. Whatever it is, it will be nothing compared to knowing that she is feeling good and blossoming.

4/23/14 - Millie went back to the vet yesterday and now diabetes, thyroid, and alot of other issues are ruled out, along with the cushings that we initially thought because of her symptoms. We made an appointment with the internal medicine specialist in hopes that this could possibly give us some light on what Millie has going on since she seems to be healthy, but we strongly feel that something isn't right. Her appointment is tomorrow, so hopefully soon we will have some answers on Millie's condition. It really is baffling right now, especially since she is such a happy, lively, great baby that is just the best little baby ever.

4/20/14- The result of the ACTH Stim test came back negative for Cushings. The vet wasn't convinced so she performed a Dexamethasone suppression test. The results of that test came back Friday and it was negative. So, the good news is the Millie does not have Cushings. Unfortunately, with the symptoms that she has we still know something is going on that needs to be diagnosed and taken care of. Millie is going back to the vet on Tuesday so we can discuss other avenues to explore. Don't worry, we won't stop until it is figured out and addressed. In the meantime, keep this precious little girl in your thoughts.

4/3/14 - Millie came into rescue because her mom was very sick and wasnít able to take care of Millie any longer. We are glad we got her when we did because after her arrival, a lot of little things made the foster mom think that something might be going on with little Millie medically. She would eat her food like there was no tomorrow, drink a lot of water and her belly was very bloated and tight. These things were mentioned to Dr. Kulinski at her first vet appointment, and the results of her complete blood chemistry led her to believe that Millie could have Cushings.

They did an ACTH Stim test and sent it off and the results should be back next week. This will let us know if Millie has Cushings, as is believed. If so, she will be put on medicine to medically manage her condition and make her a more comfortable, happy baby. Cushings is not something that can be fixed, but can be managed with daily medication. We will update her bio once the results come back and we have a definite life plan for sweet Millie.

Donít let this scare you away from this gem as she has quite a few years left in her and is such a sweetheart of a baby. She loves attention and following her foster mom whereever she goes. She will smile at you when you talk to her and would love another pup to follow around. She isnít too playful, but does like another calm dog to take the lead.

If you think you want to give Millie a great calm home with lots of love and attention, please go ahead and fill out your application. Sheíll be waiting patiently for applications and emails from her admirers. And this is one rescue that wonít disappoint you.

3/23/14 - BIO COMING SOON!
Millie's Donors:
Vicki Dykes

Name: Pixie
Gender: Female
Age: 5.5
Weight: 3.1
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $325

For more information on Pixie, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Pixie
2-27-15 - Pixie was surrendered to YHR because she was in a home with Great Danes and a very timid, shy, scared little girl. About a year and a half ago, her human mom passed and her human dad was not able to take care of her, so she was somewhat neglected. Some family members found out about Pixie's living situation and went and got her to try to help. They kept her for a year and a half, but she was still not in the correct environment for her. She was petrified of the active home, did not eat very well, and wasn't able to get the medical attention she needed. We just assumed that when she came in, she would need the typical, shots, heartworm test, fecal, bloodwork, dental, etc. (her teeth were awful). Well, come to find out, the reason she wasn't such a great eater is because her bottom jaw was broken and her remaining teeth that she had were horribly infected. Periodontal disease in these babies are common. Seems the jaw break was not from trauma, it was from unattended dental issues. Well, the vet wired the jaw for now in hopes that it will heal. She is on antibiotics for 30 days and will then return to have her remaining teeth removed since they aren't salvageable and hopefully remove the wire to a healed jawline. They did not want to take the teeth out on the initial dental date since the broken jaw needed to be attended to first. She is so tiny and since her mouth is in such bad shape, the jaw lines are paper thin. There is the chance that when extracting her existing teeth, her jaws could be in jeopardy again. She has been a trooper so far.

She is a sweetheart. Still shows the signs of a timid little baby. She is so small and probably felt scared for so long, she doesn't have any confidence. she does love sleeping in the bed though and loving being had fed. She is definitely on the road to a better life and has put on some much needed weight.

Pixie will not be ready for awhile as we complete her dental issues and help her learn to a spoiled little baby. What she deserves and what she will get.

We will update her bio as we learn more about her personality and as her vetting continues.
Pixie's Donors:

Name: Rocky
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 8.5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Rocky, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Rocky
11/11/14 - Rocky still cannot understand why it is that he doesn't get any applications. True, he is a Chihuahua. True, he isn't even your typical tiny Chihuahua. True, he is getting older. True, his legs aren't all that great. But... a better baby you could not find. Rocky isn't clingy and truly doesn't demand much. He does great on his potty habits and truly lives for mealtime and a comfortable place to lay. He has to be put in and out of the bed, and on and off of the couch, but he knows it and will sit and wait on you like royalty waiting on his servants. Rocky loves to give kisses at night before bedtime and absolutely will not go to sleep until he has kissed you enough. He is a great guy with not a lot of facial expressions, but you can feel the love from him.Rocky still cannot understand why it is that he doesn't get any applications. True, he is a Chihuahua. True, he isn't even your typical tiny Chihuahua. True, he is getting older. True, his legs aren't all that great. But... a better baby you could not find. Rocky isn't clingy and truly doesn't demand much. He does great on his potty habits and truly lives for mealtime and a comfortable place to lay. He has to be put in and out of the bed, and on and off of the couch, but he knows it and will sit and wait on you like royalty waiting on his servants. Rocky loves to give kisses at night before bedtime and absolutely will not go to sleep until he has kissed you enough. He is a great guy with not a lot of facial expressions, but you can feel the love from him.

7/28/14 - Rocky went to see his favorite photographer yesterday and got some new pics taken. Julie Amador of jla Photography just loves Rocky and thinks he is ďthe best Chihuahua everĒ even with his leg issues. He was quite the ham for his session and seemed to really enjoy the attention. Even though with Rockyís instability, he wouldnít be able to play with a larger dog, he was not disturbed by Julieís two 60 lb dogs at all even when one was trying to entice him to play. He has been around larger dogs and they do not bother him.

Rocky is still up for adoption and will need a special home that is willing to allow kisses at night before bedtime and to put Rocky up and down off the bed since he cannot jump. He is a great little guy who acts more like a yorkie than a Chihuahua.

If interested in being a very lucky adoptive family, apply for Rocky the Rock Star online.

5/13/14 - Rocky is still looking for his forever home. One where he can be loved and get as much attention as he does in his current foster home. He is a sweet little guy who is just a joy to have around. He is very easy going and loves to give kisses. Due to Rockyís leg surgery, he cannot jump up or down on the human bed or sofa, but wants to be up there with you, so will need to be picked up and put down. He has been in his foster home for a while now and we donít understand why someone hasnít just wanted to scoop this adorable little type up. Heís safe, loved and happy where he is, but a last name would make Rockyís life complete. Donít think that just because he hasnít had much interest means that Rocky will settle for anything less than perfect.

3/13/13 - Rocky is sorry it has taken so long to update, but he had his lateral extracapusular stabilization surgery on both back legs on 1/28/13 and has recovered quite nicely from it. This has not made his walk any different, but the vet informed that the difference in the fiberwire replacement will/has benefited Rockyís stability and strength and will be a benefit in the long run.

He is still his handsome charming self and is now trying to grow his hair back from the mohawk shave they gave him for surgery. Rocky knows that his perfect home is out there, but knows that it needs to be just as perfect as his foster home. Lol

12/11/12 - Since the new foster arrived in the foster home, Rocky has quickly made a new friend and playing buddy. To that end, he is using his legs more than before and we noticed they are weaker.

For those of you who donít know or remember, Rocky was an owner surrender and when he got to his foster home we could immediately tell it was very, very difficult for him to walk around on his back legs. He had torn both aclís a long time prior with no vetting or surgical relief in his previous home. This was approximately 2.5 years ago. Also, at that time it was discovered that he had grade 4 luxating patellas where his knee caps were permanently to the inside of his knee which results in him walking bo-legged. He also has severe arthritis in his knee and hip joints. Rocky had his Lateral Fabella Suture Technique surgery back then and was much improved from the awful state he came to us in. He walks just fine with the assistance of metacam as needed and Cosequin (which has Glucosamine and Chondrontin) on a daily basis.

He went to the vet for x-rays to see what new might be going on. The vet said everything was still the same except for a little more arthritis. The only thing that was recommended after referral to LSU is that when the surgery was done years ago, they used a nylon (fishing string so to speak) and it was made for expandability and has probably fatiqued over the last few years. The vet suggested we go back in and just change out that wiring to the newer type they are using now which is more of a fiber wire and has two layers and this has no expandability so will not fatigue over time. They felt that this would definitely be better for long term success and strength for Rockyís legs. They can do both knees at the same time and we will be scheduling this probably after the holidays. They said that he would only need about 1-2 weeks to recuperate and would be up and around in no time with a stronger support system.

11/17/12 - Rocky went to the dog park today and seems to have attracted a sizeable friend who snuck into the small dog yard. lol

11/16/2012 - Rocky is still awaiting his forever home where he can have a family (with no children) to call his own. He has been in his foster home quite some time now and none of us can quite figure out why Rocky hasnít been adopted. He is the best baby and the easiest pup that gives so much love but doesnít really demand anything in return. Due to his back legs and small size, Rocky would do best in a home without large dogs. He also seems to have a strong disliking to children, so a home without any children would be best. Consider giving this handsome, loveable, smart Chihuahua a home.

2/22/12 - Well, I had made a New Yearís Resolution that I wasnít going to do anymore bio updates on myself. Iím tired of trying to sell myself on this site full of terrors Ė oops, I mean terriers. But I figured Iíd give it one last try before I stoop to drastic measures. So here goes:

My name is Rocky and Iím a Chihuahua. Iím sweet, pretty well potty trained as long as I donít have to wait too long to be brought outside, sleep very well under the covers right by you all night long, eat good, and am an all around swell guy.

Iím not your typical tiny Chi, Iím a full figured guy at 8.5 lbs., and Iím not a puppy (which I hear is a good thing). Iím laid back and easy to get along with. I have had a stint with surgery. When I came into rescue, it seems both of my aclís were torn and needed to be fixed and I had obviously been this way for a while without any relief. My aclís were repaired, but there are times when the weather is just right, or if I play a little too much, that my legs hurt some and I just take a pain pill.

So, I would be considered a catch to some and not so much of a catch to others; but you could at least give me a little respect and write to me. I havenít gotten any interest or emails and I will tell you, it is starting to work on my usual happy demeanor. I do love my foster home, but Iíd really like to have a home of my own and a last name. So, I just know that there has to be someone out there for me before I go into a deep depression and have to get on anti-depressant medicine. You wouldnít like to see me when Iím depressed. Just the other day I was contemplating burying my little Chihuahua head into my down feathered pillow until it was over. Please donít let it end this way. Just kidding, I wouldnít do that. But, if it would make you inquire about me, I can play dead.

11/8/11 - Welcome to ďCHIHUAHUA HAVEN RESCUEĒ. Thought Iíd change the name of our group since everyone seems to want these darn long haired dogs on this site rather than me. Maybe it will give me an edge since the rescueís name is now after me and not them.

So I originated from Mexico and not Yorkshire, England (I canít help where my peeps are from); so my hair is short and not long and silky (I donít require all that grooming and brushing all the time); so I have a tail and not a short little nub (Donít be hatin, it is much easier to tell when Iím excited or happy when my tail is in flight). Oh, and letís not forget the two cute little brown markings over my eyes that make me always look as if Iím in serious thought (which I am as to why Iím not wanted).

Now, who you gonna adopt? The Chihuahua at ďCHIHUAHUA HAVEN RESCUEĒ, or those dust bunny collectors lucky enough to make it on my site?

7/25/11 - Hola! Thatís ďHelloĒ in my language and pretty much the only Spanish word I know. I might not be fluent in multiple languages, but I am a great guy whose does understand a lot of English words. I know my name, outside, hungry, treat, good boy (I really like this one). I know there are others, but just canít think of all of them right now.

I know Iíve told yaíll this before, but I love to give kisses, especially before bedtime. I have to get in my goodnight kisses and will then retreat under the covers for night-night time. A home with small children is a no-no since my inner Napoleon seems to come out with them, but an adult or two with a nice warm lap and a comfy bed will make me a happy Chihuahua.

Wonít you consider getting me off this Yorkie site and letting me make you the happiest and most grateful dog owner alive.

Adiůs! Oh thatís goodbye in Spanish. Guess I know two words, although I only want to tell you Hola!

3/18/11 - Rocky wanted to check in with everyone to make sure that it wasn't forgotten that he was up for adoption. Christmas has already passed, New Year's came and went, Valentine's Day rolled around, and we just recently celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and still no applications for Rocky to have a family of his own. He knew that it would be tough to get noticed on this yorkie site, but is just amazed at some of the other pups that have gotten adopted before him. He is comfortable and enjoying life with his foster parents and the other pups at his foster home, but knows that somewhere out there is a home that will look at this face and just have to have him join them. While he waits, he'll continue to be the best foster baby ever.

1/13/11 - In the black and tan corner, weighing 8.5 lbs., with a record of being the best little Chihuahua foster ever, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, please welcome, Rockyyyy the Rockstar Balboaaaaaaa! Rocky is the underdog since his opponent(s), are all the other yorkies on the website that everyone is looking at because itís a yorkie rescue website.

Even though Rocky is a Chihuahua, he was lucky to get accepted into Yorkie Haven Rescue because he needed a home and time was running out. His previous owner was getting up in age and had to move in with her daughter. Letís just say that Rocky was about 10 lbs. too much baggage for the daughter. When Rocky was surrendered, his nails were so long, they curled under, he had several hot spots that had caused some hair loss and he was severely overweight (10 lbs.). He could still stand to lose a little, but we are doing this slowly. When watching him walk, it was clear that something was wrong with Rockyís back legs and he was in pain.

After being examined, it was determined that Rocky had torn cruciate ligaments in both back legs and would need immediate surgery. He has now had his bi-lateral acl surgery and has recovered. The vet said that it had been at least a year that he walked around this way and in pain without anything being done, so even though his back legs are 100% now and he gets around fine, his walk will always be that of back legs with arthritis. Rocky can even use the steps to get out of the bed. Going up is a different story, but he has learned to walk to the side of the bed and wait to be picked up.

He is up against some stiff competition here on the yorkie rescue site, but you could never meet a sweeter and more loving pup. Rocky loves to sleep with his foster parents (under the covers), he is great with a bath (doesnít really care for being blow dried though), is good on his potty habits (if let out regularly), loves to play with his humans playing with toys, but isnít so much of a velcro dog that he wonít leave your side. There are times that he will just go off and lay in one of the doggy beds by himself. So what do you say? Yorkie or Chihuahua?

Rocky's Donors:
Betty Payne
Betty PayneKari ShislerKathy Mills
Stephen BrownStephen Brown

Name: Spanky
Gender: Male
Age: 13.5
Weight: 6.5
Location: LA
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Spanky, contact foster parent at: bryorkiemom@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Spanky
11/11/14 - Along with Senior Spanky's hearing and eyesight issues, he is now on daily Thyroid medicine to keep his Thyroid in check. What can we say, with age comes ailments. Same with people, doesn't mean we aren't just as good.

5/13/14 - Spankyís hearing and sight arenít that perfect anymore and his dementia has kicked in, but he still has a great quality of life. Spanky realizes that he isnít the best catch in the pond and he may just spend the rest of his life in his foster home since there are so many other more appealing pups to adopt. But that doesnít matter to him since he and his foster parents know that he is the catch of the century and is hands down the best baby ever.

March 12, 2013 - Spanky is still the grandpa of his foster home while awaiting his forever home. He makes sure that everyone follows the rules or they will have to deal with his grandpa lectures. Spanky is a great loving pup that truly appreciates life. His eyesight and hearing are diminishing, but he gets around just fine and hears what he wants to hear. He has to be with and near his humans at all times and needs a home where he can be treated with the respect that he never got in his younger years.

12/30/11 - Well Christmas has come and gone and boy did I get a lot of toys this year. Iím another year older, but more handsome than Iíve ever been with personality that just wonít quit. I donít play with my foster siblings so would do best in a home without rowdy pets that like to play a lot. Iím a senior and I donít like things to get chaotic or loud. I love a lap and to have my chin rubbed. I know, the chin thing is a strange, but I LOVE IT!! My eyes are showing the first signs of cataracts, but I get around perfectly. My hearing is great, but I admit not what it used to be, or maybe I just have selective hearing. Just kidding. Anyway, if you have a quiet home where we can relax, sit in a chair or bed and watch tv and then play with my toys, fill out that little application and letís see if you and I can make a match.

8/29/11 - My foster mom just made a video of me from pictures that were taken from when I first arrived at Yorkie Haven Rescue. It shows my transformation from Hideous to Handsome. Please watch!

5/19/11 - When Spanky was browsing the website, he could not believe that it was January since his last update. He also canít believe that someone hasnít snatched him up yet and he has been in his foster home since July of 2010. Spanky has come a long way in this last year. He started off with no hair, crusty skin a flaming case of demodex mange, yeast and bacterial infections, and so on. This is one of those rescues that we can honestly say that he is a diamond in the ruff. He started out as pitiful existence of a pup not even knowing if he would make it and has blossomed into the handsome guy you see in these pictures.

Donít let Spankyís age scare you away. He is considered a senior, but there isnít really anything senior about him. He loves to play with toys (squeaky ones) and has quite the personality. Spanky has to be in your lap, or right next to you in the bed. He eats good, is good with a bath, likes to be blow dryed, loves treats, knows his name, walks well on a leash and loves to sun bath in the yard (or near a window in the house) when the weather is nice. He is a gentlemen with his potty habits and is such a great catch, it will be hard to see him leave the Haven when his time comes. But we know that Spanky needs a mom and dad to wrap around his little paws and spoil him rotten and we are looking forward to him calling someone his own.

He is the hall monitor so to speak in his foster home. Although he does well with the other pups in his foster home, he will not play with other pups and does not like the activity level to get too rowdy or he will have to let you know to calm it down. He is an all around great pup who makes everyone that meets him fall in love with him.

1/21/11 - Well, I went to the groomer today and got my hair trimmed. Now thereís a sentence I never thought Iíd be able to say. Coming into rescue bald gives this hair thing a whole new prospective for me. And, if I must say so myself, Iím quit the handsome yorkie now. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this face every morning?

11/1/10 - It was my friend, Snickerís birthday yesterday, and I decided to throw her a party. We opted out of wearing the party hats, but still, a howling good time was had by all. By the end of the party, we were all pretty pooped pups. Too tired to even participate in trick or treat after the party. Sorry kids, but we turned out our front light and just rested. I got a little sad thinking that no one knew when my exact birth date was, but foster mom and dad said for me not to worry, a day would be chosen and I too would get to have a party.

10/5/10 - Sniff! Sniff! Thatís the sound of me smelling my own breath, and boy does it smell good. I had my teeth cleaned today and I didnít realize just how nasty my mouth was. A few teeth fell out on their own, they pulled a few and then they cleaned and whitened the remainder.

Since this is only the second time Iíve gone to the vet since I entered my foster home (since I was going through Demodex treatment), foster mom asked the vet to re-evaluate me and estimate my age. At my first vet visit, I was in such horrific shape that it was hard for them to estimate an accurate age on me. They werenít sure if I would make it back then and medical attention and tlc were more important at that critical time. Well, it seems Iím older than the original guess. Foster mom thought I seemed older than the original ď5 yearĒ estimate and now since Iím free of Demodex and bacterial and yeast infections and my eyes have cleared of all their gook, it was easier to come up with a more reasonable age. DRUM ROLL PLEASE....... I am proud to say that I am approximately 9 years old.

Some say they start living in their senior years, well thatís me. After what seemed like a lifetime of bad, abusive homes, Iím finally in a home that feeds me, baths me, loves me and brings me to the vet for medical attention. Foster mom and dad have promised to find me my next home where I will expect the same treatment as Iím receiving now. I know you humans are all about ďwhatís in it for youĒ, so I thought Iíd let you know that up front. I am a perfect gentlemen, quiet (unless you accidentally pulled the door closed on a room that Iím still in, I will let out a bark to let you know to come get me), potty trained (from what I understand, that in itself should make you want to adopt me), sleep good all night long snuggled up to you, eat my breakfast and dinner like a champ, always want to be near you or in your lap and stare at you like you completely hung the moon. I have numerous great, lively, spunky years left, so hurry up and fill out that application so we can start our lives together.

Signing off for now and blowing great smelling kisses your way.
Spunky Spanky!

9/10/10 - I had another one of my every three day medicated baths last night and boy do those things (along with my medicine) help generate new hair growth. So we thought weíd send in some new pictures to let you see the difference in my hair now and how I looked when I first came to YHR. It is getting so pretty and is soft.

8/1/10 - Hi Everyone. It's me, Spanky. I have now been in my foster home for 4 weeks and foster mom took some new pictures of me. I know they aren't the best pictures, but they are more for you to see my new hair growth than anything. I admit, I wasn't the most handsome looking creature when I first arrived, but I have been receiving my medicated baths every 3 days and my a.m. and p.m. medicine for my bacterial and yeast infections and for my demodex and my foster says that my skin is soft now and not flaky and crusty anymore and I am starting to resemble a Yorkie and not so much a Chinese Crested.

Just wait till I get a full body of soft, silky, Yorkie hair. I won't be able to fight the Yorkie females off with a bat. I will continue to take pictures of my hair growth progress and will keep everyone posted. Kisses, Spanky.

7/15/10 - Spanky is so excited and just had to tell someone his good news. He tested heartworm negative. This is great news and Spanky is just overjoyed. Once his Demodex clears up and his hair starts growing back and he starts looking like a Yorkie instead of a Chinese Crested, all heíll need is a dental cleaning and heíll be good as new. He only entered his foster home a week and three days ago, but his foster parents can see how much better he feels and is starting to look already with the medicine and medicated baths that he is getting. His skin is starting to feel softer and hair is starting to sprout in various places. He loves to be massaged as he probably had no human contact previously.

7/6/10 - As Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once said ďBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.Ē Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful, and when Spankyís foster mom was forwarded pictures of this skinny, crusty, pitiful existence of a yorkie, she saw the beautiful dog he would be with vetting, good food and tender loving care. So please come back to see him as we update Spankyís bio and pictures over the next few months and watch ďBeauty through the eyes of a foster momĒ.

When Spanky was smelly enough from the yeast infection, his skin leather like and scabby enough from the (non-contagious) Demodex mange, his nails so long that walking was difficult and he was weak enough from no food, the individuals that called themselves his owners, surrendered him to the local high kill animal control facility. A kind lady who has a special place in her heart for yorkies pulled him from animal control to stop him from being euthanized which would have been his fate in just 4 short days. She then contacted Yorkie Haven Rescue via e-mail with pictures asking if we had foster space available for this creature. This is how Yorkie Haven Rescue came to take in Spanky. Donít let these current photos fool you, Demodex is treatable, yeast infections are treatable, bacterial infections are treatable and emaciation is fixable. All of these things have already started to be addressed and his foster mom is positive you will be amazed at his transformation as he gets healthy and handsome.

Spanky is missing a few teeth and will need a dental to whiten his others. Since the missing ones are in the front, his little tongue sticks out in the front and adds character to his mug shot. He eats hard food just fine, so it is mainly just the front teeth missing. We still have to have a heartworm test done (enough was done on his first vet visit) and if he is positive, he will be treated, but our fingers are crossed that he is negative and we donít have to add that to his list of temporary ďfixableĒ problems.

Anyway, Spanky has a long road ahead of him, but we just know that people will be waiting in line to adopt him once he starts growing his hair back and getting healthy. You donít have to wait, we have an online adoption application and if you are approved, once he is in the clear, his new family can take him home for good.
Spanky's Donors:
Megan Tisdale
Sharon LalaDenise BeyerAnonymous
Kathy MillsCarmela A. ZevoteckCarmela A. Zevoteck
Carmela A. Zevoteck

North Carolina

Name: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Weight: 7
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $450

For more information on Bubbles, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bubbles
5/22/2014 - Bubbles loves chilling in a nice comfy bed or on the couch, running around the yard with the other pups yelling at the neighbor dogs, and on occasion plays with other pups in her foster home. She is an excellent eater and likes to chew on bones. She is a very loving and happy little girl. At times she gets a bit of an attitude and wants to only do what she wants to do and does not hesitate to let you know.

12/24/2013 - My story is the story of ďThe Princess to The PauperĒ

In my previous life, I was the only furchild of a single, elderly lady who loved me unconditionally. We did everything togetherÖwent to the post office, watched tv, ate dinner and slept in the bed! When my Mom passed away, I was given to her daughter and grandson to live. This is where things got a little tricky.

I had become so accustomed to my simple-spoiled life that I had a hard time adjusting. I just didnít like all the commotion associated with young people coming and going in and out of the house. I was afraid and wanted my simple, quiet, spoiled rotten life backÖas one can understand.
After two months, I was given up on, thrown out and taken to the local animal shelter. So as you can see, I went from ďThe Princess to The PauperĒ.
Things got much worse for me at the shelter because I was put into a single 4x6 room with concrete floors and cylinder block walls. I was terrified, so terrified in fact that I growled at the animal control officers and would try to bite them. They labeled me ďDevil DogĒ.

Thank goodness Yorkie Haven Rescue learned of my terrible situation and came to rescue me. I was given to my Foster Mommy in a crate and driven straight to my Foster home. Foster Mommy took me outside and let me out of my crate. I jumped straight in her lap, tail wagging, and placed a big ole wet kiss right on her nose!

Foster Mommy says I am a good girl, very loyal and protective. She also calls me an alpha female, whatever that means! I went to the dogtor the next day and had a perfectly clean bill of health. The next day we were off to the groomer to get a nice bath and haircut. Whew! I feel like a new woman!!!
In my Foster home there are two other female yorkies and a 2 year old human child, all three of which I am NOT A FAN! I would prefer to be the only baby in the house...that means no other doggies or children to take away from my attention.

If you are looking for a lifelong, loyal, lapdog- I am the girl for you!

Sending you tail wags and kisses!
Bubbles's Donors:
Judith Dennison

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Casey
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weight: 6.6
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Casey, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Casey
5/22/2014 - Casey is doing well and still spends most of her time napping in a comfy bed in the family room and at least twice a day she likes to walk around the patio smelling everything. She had a bout of pancreatitis a couple of months ago but has been doing well since and was diagnosed with kidney disease. We are managing her health issues with medication and regular vet visits and she is doing well. She has no problems eating or drinking and does not hesitate to let you know when she is ready for her food. Her cataracts have gotten worse, so right now she pretty much has no vision, but she does well and has learned over time where all the furniture is.

9/9/13 - Casey has been doing well. We finally have her diarrhea under control and her thyroid medicine is the correct dosage. Casey loves a good massage and she loves to eat. She is a sweet little old lady that spends most of her napping in all the different beds around the house.

4/15/13 Ė Well, Caseyís diarrhea has come back, so today we made a trip to the specialist to have an ultrasound done to see if anything could be seen that might be causing these issues. The intestines looked pretty normal, her liver had a few abnormalities, but the biggest thing was not being able to see the pancreas. So, we are running some additional tests to see if maybe the pancreas is not functioning properly and causing her to lose protein and may be part of the cause of what is going on. It will be a few days before we get the results back and come up with a game plan to help Casey. The poor girl is losing weight and when she gets sick she doesnít want to eat, so hopefully we can get this figured out and get her feeling good again.

4/5/13 Ė Casey is doing much better after being sick with diarrhea and vomiting for about two weeks. She was in and out of the vet almost every day on an IV because of dehydration. Because medicine was not taking care of it they ran different tests, which unfortunately all came back negative. Finally Batril started to work and she is doing so much better and all her issues have appeared to clear up.

Before her tummy issues she did make a visit to the cardiologist for her heart murmur. They did an echocardiogram and found some issues, so she was started on a medication for blood pressure to start with. With her tummy issues we suspended the medication in case that was causing it. We will be starting it back up as soon as she is done with her antibiotic and we are certain she is fully recovered. We will then recheck her blood pressure and determine next steps for her heart, which will likely be adding enalapril. Once we have all of that under control then we will talk about her much needed dental.

Casey is a very sweet and happy little old lady that is not afraid to tell you when she wants something! She likes to snuggle on the couch and next to you at night. She has started wagging her tail when she is excited and happy.

2/23/13 Ė Hello yaíll. My name is Casey and I am a little old lady. Unfortunately my family thought I was getting too old, I am going blind, and because I started having accidents in the house I was no longer worth having so they dropped me off at doggie jail. I only had a limited amount of time because the shelter did not have room, but YHR stepped up and said I was worth saving. That was a close one for me. I am quite sad my family let me go after all that time, but I am thankful I am safe and still here. I went to see the dogtor the other day and the dogtor told me I am almost blind because of a full blown cataract in one eye and an immature cataract in the other eye along with old age taking my eye sight away. I really cannot see very much. I also have a grade 3 out of 6 heart murmur, but luckily my heart is not enlarged and I do not have any fluid in my lungs. They are still checking to make sure there is not something else going on with my heart. As soon as we hear back on that I will get my teeth cleaned, they are really dirty. Other than my eyes and my heart they think I am fairly healthy. I am still really sad and confused, so I havenít done much but lay in the comfy pink bed. As I feel more comfortable and come to terms with what has happened to me I will open up and my foster mommy and daddy will be able to learn more about me. I am just so sad my family did not want me anymore.
Casey's Donors:
LaDonna Brandon
Raffaella CiavattaKathy MillsCC's Heart Fund
Deborah LeithePaula Krus SemcoviciStephen Ridgill
Angela HiskeVicki DykesNancy Leicht
Marcella StrubNancy Meinershagen

Pictures Videos
Name: Dallas
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 5
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Dallas, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Dallas
5/22/2014 - Dallas is still a feisty little man. Even though he barely has a bottom jaw and no teeth, he still tries to take on any pup that irritates him or looks at him the wrong way. He does occasionally play with other pups in his foster home which only last until he gets upset, but much prefers people over pups. Health wise he is just on thyroid medication and doing well. Because he really doesnít have a bottom jaw left due to not having his teeth taken care of and it therefore has deteriorated, he tends to drool a lot and takes longer to eat and drink, but does well.

9/9/13 - Dallas recently went in for his yearly checkup and in doing so we discovered that Dallas has developed hypo thyroid and is currently on medication that is working well. He has also had some allergy issues, so we put him on some meds for a short time to help alleviate some of his itching. Other than thyroid and allergy issues, he is doing well. He would love nothing more than to be the only pup in a home to receive all your love and attention.

11/14/12 Ė Dallas has only had surgery on one of his knees at this point. The dogtor felt it would be best to do one knee at a time given how bad his knees are. We havenít yet scheduled surgery for his other knee, but he will have it done soon. The knee that was done is healing well and he is finally back to bossing the other kids around outside of the crate. He is still the little love bug that wants all your attention too. He is definitely one that would love to be a permanent lap dog if he could!

8/20/12 Ė Howdy everyone! I came all the way to North Carolina from Dallas, Texas, which is where I got my name! I might be little, but I definitely have a BIG personality. They do say everything is big in Texas! Unfortunately the people that first owned me did not take care of my teeth, so my lower jaw has deteriorated a lot and I tend to drool because of it. But on the bright side, I do not have any teeth and will never need another dental as long as I live! I love to try and give kisses too, but it can be a little difficult for me to find you with my tongue sometimes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE people and all the attention I can get. Because I love people so much, I usually do not like it when other pups come around and want attention too because I need to be the center of attention from my people. I wish they would understand that and stay away. I try and tell them, but they do not listen. I can be quite the little snuggler and burrow under the covers to sleep at night. Like so many other yorkies, I have very bad knees and walk a little different because of them and have had some issues recently where I did something to make them hurt. When I went in to have the few teeth I had left removed, the dogtor x-rayed my knees and said I am actually a good candidate for surgery and I do not have much arthritis at this point which makes it good timing to fix them before it does set in. I am not sure how all that is going to go though because I am not a fan of being crated and I heard through the grapevine that you have to be crated after surgery for a little while. Well, I need to get back to letting the other pups know they need to stay away from my foster parents!

August 14, 2012 - BIO COMING SOON!
Dallas's Donors:
Amy Thompson
Lissette RodriguezMargaret Gregory Stephen Ridgill
Nancy LeichtLissette Rodriguez

Name: Grace
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Weight: 6
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Grace, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Grace
7/20/14 - Grace had a dental 2 weeks ago and sadly lost all of her teeth due to severe dental disease... but that hasn't stopped her from chowing down her food! Also, Grace has to have eye drops twice a day due to dry eye. She went to a specialist for her incontinence, an ultra sound was done and it did not show anything unusual so her doctor put her on medication to see if that helps. We just keep panties on her which prevents any messes in the house. It was determined that she does not have any heart issues, she is just very relaxed when at the vet. This past Thursday she had luxating patella surgery on her left knee and she is doing great! Grace has made huge strides in the last 3 weeks, she now comes to her foster mom to be picked up and loved on!

6/15/14 - Grace spent the first few years of her life just having puppies and not being taken care of. A very nice lady saved her from that life and then reached out to us to help her. When the lady got Grace she had scars on her body and ears, had ear mites, eye infections and untreated ulcers, heart problems, and terrible teeth, to name a few. She went to see the YHR dogtor last week at which time she was spayed and had the remainder of what teeth she had removed. She is now a toothless wonder like so many other YHR furbabies. Her ears and eyes are all cleared up of infection, but she does have dry eye, so she receives drops twice a day in each eye. She also dribbles pee often, so as soon as she is healed from her spay and dental we will be seeing 6/15/14 - Grace spent the first few years of her life just having puppies and not being taken care of. A very nice lady saved her from that life and then reached out to us to help her. When the lady got Grace she had scars on her body and ears, had ear mites, eye infections and untreated ulcers, heart problems, and terrible teeth, to name a few. She went to see the YHR dogtor last week at which time she was spayed and had the remainder of what teeth she had removed. She is now a toothless wonder like so many other YHR furbabies. Her ears and eyes are all cleared up of infection, but she does have dry eye, so she receives drops twice a day in each eye. She also dribbles pee often, so as soon as she is healed from her spay and dental we will be seeing a specialist to make sure there isn't a blockage or something else causing her to dribble before we think of adding medication to try and help. Grace is a happy little girl besides all her medical issues. She loves to snuggle in next to you on the couch for a nice nap and likes a good massage when she isn't afraid.a specialist to make sure there isn't a blockage or something else causing her to dribble before we think of adding medication to try and help. Grace is a happy little girl besides all her medical issues. She loves to snuggle in next to you on the couch for a nice nap and likes a good massage when she isn't afraid.
Grace's Donors:
Nancy Leicht
Vance Steele

Name: Olly
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Weight: 8.4
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Olly, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Olly
5/22/2014 - Olly is such a happy and loving little old man. He doesnít play or chew on bones, but he is right there waiting if he thinks there will be any food involved. When not waiting for food or treats he spends a lot of his time napping like most older pups do and absolutely loves sleeping in bed with his foster parents. He still limps with his front legs and we tried laser therapy that seemed to help a little bit, but did not take it away. Other than the limp Olly is doing great health wise. He does have to wear a bellyband most of the time because as the pups get older they cannot hold it like the younger kids can. Although he doesnít play with the other pups he does need to have other pups around and with him when no one is home. We tried him at a different foster home for a short time to help with his front legs but he had too much anxiety when no one was home because there werenít pups running around the house with him.

9/9/13 - Olly is a little old man who will turn 15 in December. He loves attention and food. He went to the dogtor last week and his liver levels were off and the bile acids were not good. We are trying a supplement and are looking at doing an ultrasound to see if we can find out what is going on. Once we figure out what is going on with his liver we will discuss him having a dental as his teeth are pretty bad and bad teeth can cause health issues as well. If you are looking for a sweet little old man, Olly is the pup for you.
Olly's Donors:
Nancy Meinershagen
Vicki DykesNancy Leicht

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Snickers-NC
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 5.2
Location: NC
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Snickers-NC, contact foster parent at: yorkiemommync@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Snickers-NC
5/21/2014 - Snickers had his chemotherapy and ultrasound a few days ago and the tumor is a little smaller than the last time! This is wonderful news because in the past year it has decreased in size at three out of the four ultrasounds he has had. He is doing very well in spite of having chemo once a month, he is tired the day of treatment but by the next day he is playing fetch.

9/9/13 - Snickers has been receiving chemo every three weeks since we found out he had bladder cancer. They have checked the cancer twice since starting and surprisingly is has shrunk each time, which is fantastic! It can usually shrink a little, but his oncologist was surprised to see it has shrunk so much. Given it is working we will continue the chemo in hopes that it keeps it either shrinking or at least keeps it from growing. He will also remain on antibiotics to ward off any infections since he is very prone to them given his current condition.

4/22/13 Ė Snickers visited the oncologist today. Given the type of cancer and where it is located chemo would give him on average another 11 months with us. Hopefully it will keep it from growing or potentially make it shrink a little and maybe we will get more than 11 months with him. Without chemo it would only be 6 months on average. So, we have opted to start chemo for Snickers. He had his first treatment today and will receive chemo every 3 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. At the end of the 6 treatments we will assess where he is at and determine whether to continue chemo and how often or decide to stop. His chemo treatments cost around $300 each time. He will also be on an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to help keep infections at bay. We are hopeful we will have more than 11 months with him.

4/15/13 Ė Unfortunately we got some bad news for Snickers today. He has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Because the abnormality is in the smallest part of the bladder a biopsy could not be taken; so they took several pictures and sent them to the pathologist which came back saying it definitely looked like cancer. We are scheduling an appointment with the oncologist to see if she recommends any medications to help keep him comfortable or any other courses of action we could take. He has been struggling with urinary tract infections over the past couple months that medication was not taking care of, so he had an x-ray done to rule out stones and an ultrasound done where an abnormality was found. Our vet took a biopsy of it and sent it in, which has led us to this unfortunate news for Snickers.

11/14/12 Ė Snickers is still doing fantastic! He LOVES to play with toys. He will play fetch and loves to push the toys under the furniture and then bark at you to get them out for him. He can be quite silly! He has been enjoying playing keep away from another pup in his foster home too. She will chase him around barking at him wanting the toy and he just picks it up and runs from her! Snickers is still quite the little snuggle bug and enjoys some couch time like the other pups in his foster home. He gives kisses, although he canít quite reach sometimes.

1/3/12 - Snickers is doing fantastic. Missing his front leg and not having the greatest hips does not hinder him at all. He still loves to play tug of war, chase after toys, and be your every day pup. He is quite fast when it comes to chasing after toys too! He still thinks he needs to boss the other pups around and wonít hesitate to snap at them and pull their hair if he thinks he needs to. Given he doesnít always like them, he needs to be an only pup. He would love all the one on one attention and playtime anyway. He also needs to be in a home without children because he thinks he needs to boss them around too and will bite their feet, essentially pinching them. He can be quite a little snuggle bug too!

2/9/11 Ė Snickers had surgery on one of his hips and is recovering fairly well. He has to do exercises every day now to work the leg and make sure scar tissue doesnít build up which could cause him to not want to use it or cause more pain. He puts the leg down every once in a while, but is not using it consistently yet. It is amazing how well he can get around on just two legs! It will be several weeks before this hip is healed enough and the decision can be made about whether it would be in his best interest to do the other hip as well. The other hip wasnít nearly as bad as the one that was done.

1/20/11 Ė Poor Snickers just cannot catch a break these days. We have known since he came into rescue that he hasnít walked quite right with his back legs, in fact he walks with his knees together all the time and sometimes will hold one leg up. We assumed it could be the typical luxating patella, but that is not the case. It has been determined that he has Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which usually starts when they are a puppy and results in an abnormal deformity of the ball of the hip joint. Unfortunately he has likely been living with this since he was a puppy, which is about 7 years now, and at this point it is very bad. He will need to have surgery to remove the ball of each hip bone, and since he only has one front leg, he will need to have one done at a time. This disease is extremely painful because it is bone rubbing against bone and causes arthritis and inflammation, of which Snickers has both. Please keep Snickers in your thoughts and prayers as we work to fix two of the three legs he has left.

12/28/10 - Snickers has adjusted quite well to losing his leg. We think he had already built up quite a bit of muscle when it was in the cast. It has been healing nicely, but he does still have pain if you pick him up a certain way. After being in the crate for several months, he now prefers to be in his crate most of the time. He is a very loving and sweet little boy that loves to nuzzle into your neck, but he will need to be an only pup in his furever home. He has times where he just does not like other pups and wants to get at them if he can.

12-6-2010 - Snickers went to have a bandage change on Tuesday this past week, his leg was not stable so they took x-rays and there was absolutely no growth taking place in his bones. The specialist said there was nothing else that could be done so his leg would have to be amputated. He had his surgery on Thursday and he is now home and recovering.

11-15-2010 - Please keep Snickers in your thoughts and prayers, he had to have a second surgery on his leg because his bones were not healing together. In 6 weeks they will take an x-ray of his leg and if the bones have not started to heal they will have to amputate it. In spite of everything Snickers has gone through he remains to be a happy, loving little guy.

09/23/10 - Snickers is still doing well. He has been getting his bandage changed each week and we continue to hope and pray that everything will look great when we go in for the 8 week checkup and x-rays. He would love to play with toys, but he is not allowed yet. Snickers is such a little snuggle bug too, he would love nothing more than to curl up on your lap or next to you.

09/08/10 - Snicker's had his surgery yesterday and is doing well. The doctor put a plate in with some screws to hopefully stabilize the bone so it can heal. He also did a bone graft to help facilitate healing. He will go in each week to have his bandage changed and will have x-rays done in 8 weeks to see if the bone is healing. Based on his progress at that time, we will determine what should or should not be done next. We are very hopeful that this will work and Snickers will get full use of his leg back.

09/03/10 - Please help poor Snickers get his leg fixed!! He got into a scuffle with another pup and the pup bit down so hard on his front leg that it broke. His owner could not afford to pay to fix his leg, so they decided to surrender him so he could get the care he desperately needs. He is in need of surgery to put a plate in to hopefully stabalize the bones and let them heal back together. His surgery is estimated to be between $2,800 and $3,300. So, please consider helping Snickers to get the use of his front leg back, he will be extremely grateful and sends tails wags and kisses!
Snickers-NC's Donors:
Mary Ann Snow
Steve AnzaloneSharon FritzLouis DeBernado
Brenda Van ValenPatricia KeyStephen Ridgill
Carlo & Maxine AnzaloneCatia Sebastiany - ChoGina Valenzuela
Catia Sebastiany - ChoPatricia JenkinsPatricia Jenkins
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Karen WalkerTracy Waite

New York

Name: Charlie Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 7.5
Weight: 18
Location: NY
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Charlie Brown, contact foster parent at: nyyorkiemommy@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Charlie Brown
2/14/15 - Hello there, It is me Charlie.

Santa did not bring me my forever family for Christmas, but I think that is because he just did not find the PERFECT family for ME. He promised to keep looking and told me that it may be a late arriving gift, but also said "The BEST things are worth waiting for ". I believe him. In order to help him find that awesome family I thought I would update you all.

I have been in my foster home for a year now, it has been a wonderful year, I have not been locked away in a kennel, I have been fed regularly, I have learned to play with my brothers and sisters, I have learned to be a dog and the member of a family, what a difference from my past life!!

I have a few updates for all my fans:

1. I went to my Dogtor yesterday to have my yearly exam done. I got my booster shot and a bunch of other stuff done. I will be going in for a dental soon, but my Foster mom was told I tested positive for Lyme Disease, so I am on Doxy for a month. Mom does not want to have my dental done until I get rid of the Lyme Disease, so that will be in about a month or so. One thing any potential new family should know about this is that I may always carry the antibodies now so next year if I test positive again I will NOT have to be treated again. But along with this comes the tricky part, we may never know if it is a false positive or not.

PS- I overheard the tech at the vet tell mom "I can't believe someone has not adopted this guy yet, he has the most wonderful personality and is such a good boy!" Mom agreed.

2. I have been doing pretty good with my separation issues, however they are still there. I got a little nervous a couple times and nipped my neighbor and my groomer. I am working really hard to overcome this.

3. Foster mom tells me I am a very good boy, I try very hard to please and I have a wonderful personality except for the separation issues (Which are getting a lot better)

I think I would do best in a home with or without children (I LOVE kids), with or without other dogs, (I love my foster siblings and love having the company when the humans have to go somewhere, but I would be happy without as well as long as I was not left alone for long periods of time), with someone who is home a lot or is willing to take me with them when they go somewhere. I am a really good boy, but I do not handle being alone very well. I am a bigger boy, but that just means more of me to love!!

Until next time,
Charlie xoxoxo

Dear Santa:

This is Charlie. I have been a very, very good boy this year! My foster mom told me if I am a good boy and I tell you what I really want, you might be able to bring it to me!

Well, Santa, what I would really want, more than anything else in the whole world, is MY VERY OWN FUREVER HOME!

Here are all the things I have accomplished this year:

1. I have been working very hard on my separation issues and I have come a long way with that! I still do not like it when my foster parents have to leave, but I don't get as upset as I used to.

2. I have been working very hard on my house training, and I am so proud to say I do not hardly ever have accidents anymore, if I do it is usually because my foster parents didn't see my "signs"

3. I have learned to play with my brothers and sisters. I am very gentle with them because they are more than half my size. My foster sister and I are especially close and we wrestle and play all the time.

4. I am ADORABLE!!

5. I take good care of my "Babies" I love them.......all.....foster mom giggles and calls me a hoarder when she sees all the "babies" I stash on my chair! BOL!

So, Santa, if you could, PLEASE bring me my forever parents. I love my foster parents lots, but I want some of my very own!

PS- I promise to keep being a very good boy! xoxo

5/13/14 - Hi there, it is Charlie here again. I seem to have a few nicknames here now, Chawie, Charles (Foster dad calls me Charles because I am a distiguished gentleman), Monkey, and my favorite, Baby Boy.

I do still like to mark but my foster parents cannot use belly bands on me because when they tried my belly rashed up really bad. I am very good about doing my business outside if you can read my signs, took my foster parents a bit, but now they know if I am being "annoying" and will not stop no matter what, it means I need to go outside.

My personality is really starting to come out. I DO NOT like being left without my human, my foster parents now put me in a dog playpen when they have to leaved as I have seperation anxiety issues.... we are working VERY HARD on these. I think my perfect home would be a home where someone is home most of the time and if they leave would maybe take me with them, at least on occasion. I love to go out and explore.

I am fantastic with other dogs (my foster sister is still a baby so she is very annoying and I heard mom say she has ADHD so she is always on the go, and has decided I am the one she wants to play with the most. She can be a pain in my butt, however I am EXTREMELY gentle with her, mom says most dogs would have eaten her by now. She is amazed that I am so calm. I also LOVE kids!! They are great little people who are closer to my size and usually love to play with me. Foster mom says she is surprised at my energy level.

From my Foster Parents:

Charlie is the sweetest boy, he is very loving and gentle and has the patience of a saint. He is potty trained (mostly) and does have some seperation issues we are working on and he is responding very well to the corrective actions we are utilizing.

He is very attached to his foster dad, seems he is a man's dog. While he loves me too, he clearly ADORES his dad.

He is a fantastic eater, he will eat pretty much anything that you put in front of him. His favorite treats are Jerky (Foster mom makes all kinds and has not found one he does not like yet) and Bully Sticks.

He also LOVES his "Babies" he can often be found cuddling his "babies" under his arm while he sleeps or is laying in his bed. At bed time he likes to sleep in the big bed with his humans.

He really is a fantastic little man!! Very polite (Mostly)

Give him a chance, you won't regret it!!

2/11/14 - Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Charlie, Charlie Brown. That wasn't my only name, my first momma named me "Pumpkin". My first momma took good care of me and we loved each other very much, but she had to go into a nursing home and she wasn't allowed to bring me with her. I went to live with another lady, who had me locked in a crate and if company came over I was locked in another part of the house. That cage was my home for 3 years. That lady decided I was not the "right" dog for her (I am NOT the first one she has decided this with) so she dumped me with my foster mom. She said that I was "too protective " of her because if I was ever let out of my crate, I got so excited I didn't know what to do so I would grab her pantlegs, I guess she confused protection with excitement to be free.

My foster mom says I am handsome! Me, Handsome? I adapt very easily to strangers, and if they show me attentionand some love then I am their best friend. I LOVE everyone. I keep hearing my foster mom saying "Good boy, Charlie!!" so I guess I am doing something right! I am a bigger boy, but not fat. I am really good at going outside to do my buisiness, but I have been caught marking so my foster mom says I will have to wear a belly band until I learn to stop doing that. I have 2 foster brothers and a foster sister who I LOVE to play with, I am twice their size, but I am very gentle with them. My foster mom and dad thought I was deaf at first because I would not respond to anything at all, except loud noises. They have found out that I was not ignoring them, and I am not deaf, but nobody has talked to me in 3 years, I just did not know they wanted MY attention, nobody ever wanted my attention at that ladies house. The best part is I don't ever have to be in a kennel here. I can run and play and have fun, you know, be a dog. I get to sleep in the big bed with everyone else. The only thing that would make this better is to find a furever family of my own. I know my foster mom loves me (she tells me all the time!) and I love her, but the faster I find my furever home the faster my foster mom can try to save another little one like me. Win - Win. I really am a good boy and I love to please. So, if you like what you have read, contact YHR and tell them Charlie sent for you!

2/10/14 - BIO COMING SOON!
Charlie Brown's Donors:
Vicki Dykes


Name: Angus
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Weight: 13
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $375

For more information on Angus, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Angus
3/11/14 - Angus has been in his foster home since the first of November now and we are being able to tell a little bit more about his personality and what home would work best for him. We do know that he has a lot of energy and would need a large fenced yard. It also would help if the new owner is into exercise themselves and could bring Angus for daily walks or even to the dog park. He is a young pup who is very smart and needs an outlet for all that energy.

We are seeing that he would do best in a home with no small children and would probably be better with no small dogs. He is very strong for his size and sometimes when his little mind gets in overdrive he can run and bowl a small one (human or canine) over without meaning to. Cats would definitely be a no-no since Angus would just see them as fun prey.

We assume that a home with a larger dog would be a fit since Angus does love to play and could have a playmate without being too rough with it. A submissive larger dog would be better since Angus likes to think at times that he has a Napoleon syndrome.

On the flip side, Angus is a very sweet young man, that so wants a home of his own where he has a mom/dad to love him and let him sit in their laps and give him belly rubs. He loves attention and doesnít mind giving it back. He is such a lover and very, very smart. He even tries to help with the laundry and other household chores. He is a fun, loving, smart and adorable guy who would bring someone a great deal of pleasure and entertainment. He just needs the correct home where he can blossom and be all that he can be.

11/5/13 - Angusís previous mom felt it very difficult to surrender him; but with a baby and no fence for Angus to run in and get out his energy, she felt she wasnít giving him all he needed. So she unselfishly reached out for YHR to take him in.

Angus is now in a foster home with other pups and has yet to try to play with any of them. He is very clingy with his foster mom currently and we are sure he is just afraid of being abandoned again. He has only been with us less than a week and his personality will come out and blossom in the next few weeks and then we will be able to tell the true Angus. He has the cutest under bite that gives him such an adorable look.

Information we can give that was provided by his previous family:

Angus is a very affectionate young man who loves to cuddle and be in your lap. He loves to sleep with his humans and on cold nights likes to be under the covers. He loves to be massaged and petted and gets so comfortable he will just lay there as long as you will rub him. Once he is comfortable with his people, you canít hold back his licker. He loves to give kisses.

Angus is a very smart baby and learns routine pretty quickly if it is a stable and consistent routine. He is shy when meeting new people, but comes around when he feels secure. He loves playing with toys (although this has not started yet in his foster home, we canít wait until he feels secure enough to go get a toy and play).

He loves to go for rides. He is typical yorkie and loves to help with the laundry (will grab a piece going from the washer to dryer if dropped and wants to play tug-o-war) and follows his humans EVERYWHERE.

Here is the funny thing. Angus loves to swim, but isnít overly fond of a bath. He loves to go for walks, but is such an adventurous young man and pulls on the leash, so will need a secure harness and lead at all times.

Angus is longing for love and attention from his humans and has so much of the same to give in return. You will not regret applying for this baby boy as he is playful, happy, loving, attentive, and has such a great personality and zest for life.

11/4/2013 - BIO COMING SOON!
Angus's Donors:
Michael Davis

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Name: Bailey
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Weight: 3.12
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Bailey, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Bailey
11/12/14 - Bailey is a sweetheart of a baby. He loves his humans and would do best being an only dog. He definitely would not do well in an active household and children are a no-no. He is content to be by his people, but not very pushy about it. Bailey's main issue is his potty training. This is one tough cookie, so he has to wear a belly band in the house. If someone is interested, they will have to understand that Bailey may never be totally potty trained and have to come to terms with mistakes.

4/2/14 - The latest bile acids were a tad elevated and the results were sent to the specialist at GCVS to review. Since his pre bile acid results went down from their original number and the post number went up a little, but not to an alarming number, the specialist feels that he probably is one that just has elevated bile acid numbers and should just be checked annually along with routine vetting once a year to stay on top of it. He did not feel that further testing would be needed at this time, nor did he think that Bailey would need any medication for anything.

So at this point, Bailey is ready for his new home. We have found out that even though Bailey doesn't mind other dogs, he would probably do best in a home with no other pups or just 1 pup that does not expect him to acknowledge or play with it. He is more a pup that is always wanting to be with his people. He isn't smothering with it and doesn't have to be kissing or cuddling with you all the time, just HAS TO be in your lap when you are sitting. His potty habits, which is his main issue, seem to do better when foster mom and dad take him out alone or in a different part of the yard than with the other pups. So being an only dog or 1 of 2 would be better for him in this area as well.

March 30, 2014 - Bailey is doing well. He had his bile acids repeated and although they were a little elevated, we don't think there is room for concern.

They were forwarded to the specialist, who we will talk to in the near future to see if there is anything further that needs to be done.

2/13/14 - Well Bailey went to the internist yesterday and had an ultrasound. A liver shunt was not detected. This is great news, but we will wait 4 weeks, repeat the bile acids and if they stay the same, good, if they go higher, then we will need to have a CT Scan done to see if anything was missed on the ultrasound. In the meantime, we will be scheduling Baileyís dental since he needs one. The internist informed us that Bailey has Hypoplasia. This is where the enamel does not form on the teeth from a pup. So, over time they take on a discolored appearance and they arenít as strong. This is not a problem, but Bailey will just need his teeth cleaned on a regular basis and they usually put a sealant over the teeth to help protect them more.

Heís still cute as a bug in a rug and has been taking all this testing in stride. He is just the sweetest, cutest little thing and LOVES his people.

2/10/14 - Bailey came into rescue when one of his elderly owners passed and he was too much for his other owner to take care of. Prior to this, it seems that Bailey was quite the traveler as he was in (that we know of) 4 previous homes. Bailey is just too cute for words and hasnít seemed to have had the right break, until now. Bailey joined YHR in January of this year.

We were letting him settle in before posting him so we could learn more about him. We found out that he can be a finicky eater and doesnít quite have the energy level for a pup of his age. He would rather sit in his owners lap, all the time, than run around and play or pay attention to the other pups in the home. Since it seems that Liver Shunt is popular among YHR dogs lately, we decided that when Bailey went for his first vet appointment for a heartworm test, we would have bile acids run just to rule out anything.

WELL, the results are back today, and Bailey levels are high. Not off the charts, but nonetheless high. So the records were faxed over the GCVS and Bailey has an appointment to have either an ultrasound or CT Scan done to definitively tell us if Mr. Bailey has a Liver Shunt.

Other than this, Bailey is a real sweetheart that will steal any heart that he encounters. Even so, he has some quirky traits that have to win you over. He will not eat out of a deep bowl. It has to be very shallow. He does not like, actually wonít as of yet, do his business outside. This would be great if he would hit the pee pad all the time. Lol But seems Bailey's potty training is a work in progress. He will go on the pee pad if in the same room with you, but if allowed to roam the whole house free, will mark. So he gets to sport a handsome little belly band (diaper for pups). His foster parents on working on this with him, but since this is probably the reason he changed homes so many times, someone would need to understand his shortcoming and be patient in this department or choose another pup. Yorkies are one of the hardest on potty training and some are just worse than others.

He would do fine with other pups that don't need a playmate or as only pup since he truly only focusing on his humans. He does not like alot of activity or truly chaotic dogs. He also has no interest in toys. Children in the household would be a definite no since he is so small and doesn't care for a lot of noise.

He doesn't feel the need to talk all the time and really only lets out a growl/bark if the doorbell rings or a knock on the door (even if on the TV). His Foster Mom says for as tiny as he is, he has a big dog bark when he uses it.

He likes to sleep in bed with humans right by Foster Mom. Even though he likes Foster Dad, he is a little more leary of men and more attached to the women. He is like a little Kangaroo and can jump on the furniture. He even bounces up into your line of sight to get your attention. Not barking or demanding, just "hey, I'm here, pick me up".

Bailey is a very respectful pup that doesn't seem to be put off by much once settled in the home. He will just sit and watch. He has a great personality once it shines through.

We will update everyone on his condition after we receive the results from his appointment Wednesday.

Please say prayers and donate to his vetting.
Bailey's Donors:
Marcella Strub
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Elvi ZelayaSuzanne Arthur

Name: Calvin
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Weight: 8.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Calvin, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Calvin
11/12/14 - Calvin is truly the best baby ever. He has been labeled as a 10 year old. This is because the shape his teeth were in when he came in and due to the fact that his dental only left him with 2 teeth, it was hard to estimate, but the vet estimated 10. He truly loves to be with his people and shows that daily in his personality. He is as healthy as a horse, so don't let his age scare you, he'll probably outlive us all. Calvin might be categorized as a 10 year old senior, but he gives and acts like a 7 year old adult. You cannot miss by applying to adopt him and adding him to your home.

3/11/14 - Mr. Calvin has been in his foster home a little while now and his foster mom and dad are so impressed at how healthy and loving he is. Calvin is such a great little guy who tells you 20 times a day how happy he is to be with you. Foster mom swears heís about 6-7 years of age since he is strong, healthy, active and alert. But being the shape his teeth were in, and the fact that he only has 2 teeth left, they determined he was a senior. Obviously no one told Calvin this since he still loves hard kibble and keeps up with the other younger pups in the home. He also does very well with his potty habits, he's a doggy door champion who is undeterred by rain or cold. A better family addition you could not ask for.

So, if you want a younger man, that has been labeled as an older man, apply for Calvin, you wonít be disappointed.

1/20/14 - I would love to tell you where I came from and a little about my previous life, but my previous people always told me if I ratted them out, they would hunt me down and hurt me like they did when I was with them (before they dumped me). So, rather than cry over spilled milk, I'm anxious to start over and make new "nice" memories.

My name is Calvin and I am a sweet fellow that likes to be close to my people. Iím not pushy with it, but will never turn down a lap and petting. Foster mom even says that Iím a bit of a moaner when being petted I like it so much. Iím not a jumper though, so if you want me to be up there with you, I will wait to be picked up and put down. Same with the big people bed.

Seems I had not had any vetting previously done and needed everything. Iím not surprised. I received shots, blood work, heartworm test and they gave me some medicine because I had worms. Now, Iím scheduled to have my neuter, removal of the only 2 teeth that I have and a mass that is in my mouth removed. Boy these people really make sure you are 100%.

I am in a foster home now with other pets and a nice foster mom and dad. Iím a little leery of foster dad, but it isnít him, I just had some bad experience with the men in my life before, so foster dad is teaching me that all people donít hurt and arenít bad.

I am a good kisser, not sloppy or too much in your face. I have a very laid back personality, but have been known to bark if the other pups do or if someone comes to the door. Mine is a raspy, old man bark, but I think it does the trick. I am a hearty eater and will run, not walk to the kitchen when I know FM is dishing up the vittles. Since I only have 2 teeth, soon to be no teeth, (donít make fun, itís not my fault), I eat a combination of soft and hard kibble and I do just fine. This is why dental care is so important for us little tykes. If not kept up with, you end up with no teeth. FM says it doesnít matter, Iím still an adorable sweetheart. I can even play with the soft stuff squeaky toys. So who needs teeth?

Iím working on my potty training and with persistence on mine and your part, I think I just might get it in time. Iím not an alpha and give most of the other pups in the home their required personal space, but donít think that just because Iíve reached the double digits in age, that Iíll let everyone walk all over me.

So basically, I need a loving, laid back home. With or without other dogs, no children since I like it calm and q
uiet. Iím an easy little guy that just needs help getting onto the sofa or bed, need soft food mixed with my hard and am praying for much better owners than my last. FM & FD say I deserve a top notch family and home and will not let me go until that perfect fit comes along. Gosh, Iíve never had anyone love and care about me this much. It sure is nice.

Calvin's Donors:
Leslie Banister

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I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Chewie
Gender: Male
Age: 8.5
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Chewie, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Chewie

1/28/15 - Chewie is at the specialist today for testing. We will update when we have the results.

6/3/13 - Chewie went for a follow-up appointment with the cardiologist on Friday, and all went well. Right now he is stable, and all of his test results are about the same as his last exam. That means that the meds are doing their job and helping his heart to pump as normally as possible. They were surprised and happy not to see a decline. As for his estimated time to live, they are still saying about 4 months. So who knows? They said he may just continue to defy all of the statistics for a while. They don't need to see him again until we see a decline or 4 months passes.

His foster parents were pleased with the outcome of this appointment and plan to keep doing what they are doing now, and roll with the punches.

3/6/13 - Chewie has started to not have as much zip to his step, so his foster mom brought him to Gulf Coast to see if his condition was getting worse.

It seems his heart has gotten larger, and it's not "squeezing" enough to pump his blood. (Which is why he's not so zippy and acting fatigued). Also, the veins in his heart and lungs are swollen (plump), and the effect of this is fluid in the lungs

They prescribed 3 more medications. One to help his heart "squeeze" better when it pumps, one is a diuretic to keep the fluid from building up in his lungs, and the third is to keep his body from overproducing fluids in response to the diuretic. He will go back Friday, the 15th, to check to see if the meds are working and to make sure they are not hurting his kidney function, which is a common side-effect. As far as a time frame on his time left with us, she said maybe a few months, but could give a better "guestimate" in 10 days, when he is brought back. At that time they will run the blood panel again and do an x-ray.

Obviously, Chewie will never leave his foster home to go onto a new home of his own, but he will be loved, cared for and medically taken care of until it is time for him to join all the pups that have gone before him to rainbow bridge.

All of your thoughts and prayers for Chewie are greatly appreciated!

1/24/13 - The Sotalol that the vetís put me on did not seem to be working alone, so they have added a second medicine called Mexiletine. It is in a liquid form with beef flavoring. It costs $25.50 per month and I get .5ml 3 times per day. We are hoping that the combination of these two medicines will decrease the number of incorrect heartbeats I have. Nevertheless, the vets are so amazed at the fact that I truly do not show any side effects from my condition. I am so happy and healthy feeling that they are just in awww. Iím so cute, I have that effect on people all the time.

1/16/13 - My mommy and my daddy decided to split up. Unfortunately, this left me without a mommy or daddy, even though I loved them both very much. They made sure I got to a good rescue though, and I am having a blast at my foster home.

When I got here and my new foster mom took me to the vet, we all had a big scare. It seems my heart wasnít beating properly, so we made an appointment with a cardiologist. I got to wear a holter monitor and everything. It was so cool! I was the only pup in my neighborhood with something that would monitor my heartbeats. Kind of like getting the newest iPhone out before anyone else! After blood work and puzzling some of the smartest people, we found out that I have Chagas. No, it is not a Mexican dance. This is a disease that is contracted from Reduviid bugs, also called the ďkissing bugsĒ. How appropriate since I LOVE TO KISS, but talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ugh!!

Anyway, this Chagas attacks the heart and it seems that my upper and lower chambers arenít communicating properly which results in ventricular arrhythmias (abnormal rapid heart rhythms). There is no treatment for this, but I have been started on some medicine called Sotalol. It is specially formulated for me into chewable treats and is only $30 for a month supply (2 treats a day). Iím a very good pill taker, and I think Iím well worth $30 per month. We hope this medicine will decrease the number of incorrect heartbeats Iím having. Once Iíve been on the medicine for a week, I get to wear my holter monitor again to see if the medicine is working.

I know this all sounds so depressing, but itís really all in how you look at the big picture. None of us are here forever, and none of us know when we will leave this great world. Me having Chagas and there being no treatment is just the same as any other pup passing unexpectedly. You know one day weíll be gone, just donít know when. I myself like the mystery. Life is too full of people always wanting to know whatís coming next. Thatís only for God to know.

I am not neutered and need to have my teeth cleaned, but for right now, the vet doesnít think it is safe for me to undergo anesthesia.

Letís turn to a happier note. I am a very happy young fellow. I love people and spin in circles at foster momís feet when itís mealtime, treat time or time to go outside. (watch my video to see me in action!) I am very loving and full of life. I am as eager of an eater as I am about life. I am always happy, energetic, love to be talked to, very well mannered, make great eye-contact, but am not demanding. Oh, did I mention I LOVE TO GIVE KISSES. Just making sure I didnít leave that out. I also love to wear sweaters. Iím a pup that likes to keep up with fashion. Even though I love attention, I am not a smothering dog. I like to be close to you, but donít have to be on you all the time like some of those needy Yorkies. Iím pretty well potty trained, but since I canít have my ďmanĒ surgery, I still have the tendency to want to mark. No biggie, foster mom just dresses me up in my belly band along with my sweater.

There is a teenager in my home and I just love her. Small children might be too much, but an older child is right up my alley. I canít say that I have a preference whether my next home has a mom, dad or both mom and dad since I love all people equally (which is how it should be). The only time foster mom has seen me get a tad beside myself is when we encountered another larger male pup outside when doing business. Iím fine with male dogs my size, but I donít like it if theyíre bigger than me. Foster mom says I get a little over-aggressive with the big dogs. Apparently I have a ďbig-dogĒ mentality myself.

Anyway, Iím happy, energetic and have THE BEST spirit and personality of any dog you will ever meet. Not to brag, but foster dad said that Iím the smartest foster theyíve ever had. Eat your heart out Lassie!

That about sums me up. Now fill out the application to adopt me.

12/19/12 - BIO COMING SOON!
Chewie's Donors:
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I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Freddy
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 6.4
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Freddy, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Freddy
2/21/15 - YORKEEABLE - that is Freddy. A yorkie that is both agreeable and adorable. Freddy went to the doctor and his eyes are doing exactly what eyes should do. He will gradually be weaned off the steroid drops but will remain on the cyclosporine drops for the rest of his life. He does very well on them, he is very cooperative in getting his drops, and he should have no more eye issues if he gets them once a day. That is no big deal because he will be happy to get in your lap to remind you. Freddy loves sleeping with his humans but will also go off to rest on his own if they are too busy. He is looking for a quite home and would like to be an only pup or a fursibling with a very laid back mate. But not too quite, he likes to take walks (because that is a very new experience and he loves them) and he must have play time every day. He loves his toys. He likes to explore in the yard, so a secure fence is a must.

1/12/15 - Freddy had his follow-up with the ophthalmologist on 1/9/15. He is currently on Cyclosporine twice a day, steroid drop and Tears Naturale Forte drop both 3 times day. The steroid and Tears Naturale will gradually decrease and go away completely. He will most likely stay on Cyclosporine. (One good thing is that he is fine taking his eye meds) He will have another follow-up on 2/20.

When Freddy first came to his foster home, he was blind, once he had the cataract surgery and slowly regained his sight, he was wearing an e-collar. All this time, it was a little difficult to access Freddyís personality since he went from special needs to having sight. We continue to learn his likes, dislikes, needs, wants, personality quirks, etc. But, this is what we have learned so far:

First and foremost, Freddy is a lover of toys of ALL kinds. Squeaky, plush, balls, bones, ..... you name it and Freddy will play with it. This may be a learned behavior from being blind and loving toys. When he has a toy, he does not want to let go of it and the toys seem to overpower him. Itís as if he cannot do without it and will put the grip of Satan on it. Freddy does not have a mean or aggressive bone in his body, he just cannot let go. This can also be used for the good. When he goes to the doctor or will be in an unfamiliar place, we take a small toy for him to focus on. He has had many an eye exam with a toy in his mouth. He will also go and ďtakeĒ toys from the other dogs in his foster home. Doesnít totally have his social skills down yet and is sort of a badger with manners. He will also invade the space of the other pups, walk on them, or edge them away if he wants to sit where they are sitting. Again, never with any alpha personality, just clueless, so to speak. In better words, Freddy has a lack of understanding proper etiquette. We believe it is a function of being blind for so long.

He does like other pups, but since he isnít quite sure of how to play and communicate with them, they tend to just avoid him. He does love his people almost as much as toys. He loves sleeping right next to his human, and he is a great sleeper. When he tires or just wants to be alone, he tends to find a small space to get, an open closet, an open crate, even under furniture. He is doing awesome on his potty training and will go by the door in his foster home to let you know that he needs to go out. With that being said, this doesnít mean he will not have mistakes in a new home.

He loves to sit in your lap, sit next to you, be held, and is partial to belly rubs. Barking is his downfall, but again, we blame this on being blind. So, no apartment or condo for this fellow.
He will bark for and at his toys and barks if there is too much activity (seems to over-stimulate him). Freddy just wants to talk and alert people to perceived danger. This can now be worked on since he can see and there is no fear of scolding and scaring him because of sight issues. This is just about his main problem so he will need new parents that are patient and can positively help Freddy redirect his desire to bark once started.

He is a very smart young man. His foster mom has already taught him to sit on command for treats and play.

This gem of a yorkie has come a long way from where he started - dropped off in a carrier on the doorstep of some gracious people who made sure he was safe in rescue. It was meant for this baby to survive and get the cataract surgery he needed since so many people pulled together to make sure he got where he needed to be and received the medical treatment he needed to have. Because of all of this, we are certain that the most perfect home is out there just waiting to locate Freddy and read his bio and apply for him. Freddy can now see the leaves on the trees and the toys on the floor..... now heís just waiting to see his parent(s) smiling faces.

12/2/14 - Freddy goes in for cataract surgery Thursday, 12/4. Everyone please pray that everything goes ok and that Freddy will finally get to see if foster mom and dad, fursiblings and all of the Christmas decorations and presents under the tree. This is going to be so exciting see him "see" for the first time. His foster mom says that he is spoiled rotten. All he needs now is his vision and a new forever home. We are taking care of the vision part. Anyone out there want to apply to adopt him and give him that forever home?

11/14/15 - Freddy had his appt. with the ophthalmologist and his is a candidate for cataract surgery. He is scheduled for December 4th. Now he will get to see the Christmas tree and all his presents.

11/11/14 - Freddy is getting settled in his foster home. His appt. with the Ophthalmologist at GCVS is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/12. Then we can schedule his surgery and let him be on the road to sight.

10/27/14 - This little man was left on a good samaritanís doorstep. He was in a pink dog bad, with a note that said:

To: New Owners, yaíll look like nice people...
From: Previous Owners"

Well, he's with YHR now and he has a new name and a new start! Hereís the worst part, Freddy has cataracts and cannot see. The lady that has him right now brought him to an ophthalmologist, and he is a candidate for cataract surgery. We are so happy about that. We will be getting him into one of our foster homes soon in the Houston area and then he will be set up for an appointment at GCVS to schedule his cataract surgery. We cannot wait until Freddy can see again. He is scared right now since he has been dumped and moved a few times (and still has yet to go to his foster home) and cannot see and all the smells and sounds are all new and intimidating. We will keep everyone updating on him and his progress.

If you would like to donate to his cataract surgery, it would be greatly appreciated. We will have an estimate as soon as he gets to Houston and makes his first exam consult.

Keep Freddy in your thoughts and prayers as he has a long road ahead of him, but is on the right path now.
Freddy's Donors:
Nancy Meinershagen
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Marcella StrubLinda BasingerMary Swearingen
Kanita LarkinsSharon DavisVance Steele
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Sherry BaccusJacqueline LawsonLynn Miller
Donna MooreGiorgio PasqualinRick & Judith McClure
Linda BasingerNancy LeichtKentisha Dunn
Carla ChamberlainDonna Moore

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Graham Cracker
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $200

For more information on Graham Cracker, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Graham Cracker

2/21/15 - Hi, my name is Graham Cracker, but you can call me whatever you want, because I cannot hear. Also, my eyes seem to be a bit cloudy because of some things called cataracts, but I can see to get around. Donít feel sorry for me, sometimes this is a real advantage. You know how you have those annoying people that you wish would just quit talking? I canít hear them. Unfortunately, I canít hear the ones I love either.

I was found stray by some nice people who realized that I needed to be saved. Looked as if I had been on my own for awhile since pretty much every bone in my body was showing and a bath looked to be something that I havenít had in a very long time. Again, donít feel sorry for me. You see, out on the streets, I had God as my co-pilot, so I never doubted that when the time was right, I would be saved. Well, that time is now. Oh, since I wasnít able to find food on my own, I definitely couldnít convince anyone to give me heartworm prevention, so it seems Iím positive. They say that the good dogtors can fix that in time when Iím strong enough to go through treatment. The foster home Iím in is working magic. Iím getting much needed medical attention, Iím clean, Iím getting food and medicine multiple times daily and a soft bed to rest my weary bones. Life is good! How can I say that? Because it is. God told me he would never give me more than I can handle. Almost unable to carry my own load any longer, he stepped in and put people in my path to handle my load for me. How lucky am I?

Well, it will be a little while before I will be ready for adoption. But once I am, we will be sure to let you know and weíll keep you updated on my progress along the way. Kind of like being read a bedtime story every night. Again, something you wonít need to do for me since I canít hear. But, Iíll lay by you while you pet my now soft fur and pretend I can hear every word you say if you choose to read or talk to me since my devotion and love runs just that deep.

I donít want to brag and say that you would be one lucky family to be the ones to adopt me, but remember, I have God on my side, so Iím already a blessing. Itís up to you if you can handle all this faith.

2/20/15 - Graham has medical issues. He has possible ulcers, ear and skin infections, elevated liver enzymes and he is heartworm positive. He is terribly underweight, has cataracts and is deaf. We will update his bio as we know more about him. His current and future veterinary costs are estimated to be around $1600 but that amount might change in time.
Thank you for anything you can do to help us save Graham.
Graham Cracker's Donors:
Nancy Leicht
Margaret HammerleVicki DykesPatricia & Nuri Gonzalez-Powell
Joanne VogelLynn GreeneJeanie Geer
Rebecca TurnboughKaris McCutchenKaren Walker
Lisa EdwardsSharon DavisKentisha Dunn
Linda BasingerKanita LarkinsCarla Dhamberlain
Monica ReynoldsDonna MooreMarcella Strub

Name: Jacy
Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Weight: 9.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $600

For more information on Jacy, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Jacy
2/22/15 - Jacy was surrendered to YHR because it seems there were some issues with the other pups in the previous home. She has been in her foster home with multiple other pups now for about a month and no issues have surfaced; and actually she seems to like to play with other dogs. So, with that being said, Jacy could be an only child or with another furchild already in the family that likes to play with other dogs.

Sheís a very sweet baby that loves attention.... giving and getting. She loves to play with toys and can easily be directed from chewing (still in puppy stage), with a Nylabone. Because of the chewing, she is crated when left alone so you donít return to a home with woodchips all around. She is good about ďkenneling upĒ by herself when she knows you are leaving;, but like all females, doesnít like to be forced or told to do so. Haha. She is also a great kisser. Lol

She will need a fenced in yard to run and play in since she loves playing outside with her foster siblings. She does business outside very well, but will also used pee pads. She will snuggle with her human at night and will sit on a lap for a bit to give and receives kisses, but isnít overall clingy, so will jump down to go on her own too.

Not sure of her total past, but at times if approached too quickly, Jacy will be timid and dart in the other direction. This should go away with positive direction and as she learns her confidence and that everything is ok.

Jacy is a great, sweet little girl just looking for her last home where someone will love her for life.

1/26/2015 - BIO & PICS COMING SOON!

Jacy's Donors:
Duffy Dykes
Kanita LarkinsMonica Reynolds

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Jax
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Weight: 11
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $450

For more information on Jax, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Jax
January 15, 2015 - Time for a Jax update! Jax has had a bit of a trying time adjusting to life in a loving home. As you can see from his original photos he was either neglected or left to live alone outside for a very long time.

He is a bit of a challenge at times, but is a very sweet boy. He as come a long way and is getting a bit better about being handled; but he still needs more rehab time. He can be bathed cautiously and his hair trimmed a bit; but his foster mom is taking it in baby steps. In the end he will be a super loving wonderful pet! Just going to take a bit more time.

The latest photo of him shows that he is a bit "shaggy" but we think he is very handsome! :)

May 22, 2014 - Jax is doing well. He goes on short leash walks throughout the day. He is walking better and better! He is on crate rest and will be for about 6 more weeks. His eyes looked much improved. He has an appointment next week to have his sutures removed.

May 11, 2014 - Jax had surgery to repair his pelvis on May 7. He was discharged from the hospital on May 9. He was shaved down and was seen by the eye doctor. He is being treated for a bacterial skin infection and infection of his eyelids. He also is being medicated for pain and is on crate rest. He is coming along well but his recovery will be slow.

May 6, 2014 - Jax was admitted to GCVS. Will update as we know more.

May 6, 2014 - We received an emergency call about a yorkie that was found on the side of the road late yesterday. He spent the night at the Emergency Clinic where he was found to have a severly fractured pelvis. He is very dirty and matted...his eyes were full of green discharge...the EC cleaned his face up as best they could. He is of course on pain medications. He is on his way this morning to see Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston.
Anything you can do to help financially will be appreciated. This surgery is definitely going to be in the thousands. Jax is a young man and deserves a chance at a good life!
Please keep Jax in your thoughts and prayers.
Jax's Donors:
Paula Krus Semcovici
Barbara DusoldMelanie WellsAmy Birchfield
Amy BirchfieldCheryl GearyKatie Rosebraugh
Joanne HickoxHali StephensValerie Leavitt
Cathy WillisEverett LivelyBobbie Wheat
Lisa EdwardsVicki DykesRachelle Heiner
Brenda Van ValenLisa BridgewaterDonna Moore
Lauren LeavittDr S B GooljarJackie Pittenger
Carla ChamberlainNancy MeinershagenStephen Ridgill
Maxine WhiteSharon DavisMarcella Strub
Vicki DykesMary DorseyKanita Larkins
Christie PearsonVicki DykesLisa Edwards
Debra RobyKaren WalkerNancy Leicht
Lorie ReyesMichael Carter

I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Josie
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Weight: 6.4
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $500

For more information on Josie, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Josie
2/10/15 - Josie's recovery from her ear surgery went well. She did have some problems with medications and it was thought that she might have a liver shunt. Testing showed that she does not have a shunt, but does have microvascular displasia. She will remain on liver diet. She also has some issues with allergies and is currently on meds for that. Testing revealed multiple issues so we are trying to decide the best course of action for her.
She is only able to hear very loud noises. We are helping her with hand commands and she has done well. She is a very, very sweet pup!

10/30/2014 - Josie's ear surgery is complete and she is resting comfortably in the hospital tonight. She should be discharged to her foster home tomorrow. We will keep you posted on her recovery. :)

Again, many thanks to all of our wonderful supporters for helping us fix Josie's ears!!!

10/29/2014 - JOSIE UPDATE! Little Miss Josie was seen today by Dr. Heidi Hottinger of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists !! Her surgery will be tomorrow! She is having TECA done on both ears. We will be sure to update after her surgery.

Many of you have asked about her hearing. Josie can hear some things, but not a lot. We expect that will remain the same after the surgery. The main concern now is to clear all of that mess up so that she will no longer be in pain.

Many thanks to so many of you for helping this sweet baby girl! We raised all of the funds needed for her surgery! You all are wonderful!

October 21, 2014 - Josie had her spay and dental and did very well! She will be seeing the surgeon about her ears on October 29th.

Many thanks to all of you for the prayers and donations for Josie!

10/14/14 - Josie was surrendered to a local animal control by her owners with ears that hurt just to look at them. We donít know how long this poor baby has been in this condition, but the pain she must be feeling has to be tremendous. A rescue group pulled sweet Josie since she knew that she would be euthanized quickly because of her medical needs. They quickly reached out to YHR, offered an approved foster home (which was also approved by YHR) and now this baby is ready for a better start. She is receiving love and attention from her foster family. She goes to the vet this Friday to be spayed, have a dental cleaning and be microchipped. Soon thereafter, we will bring her to GCVS where they will need to perform a Total Ear Canal Ablation and Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (Needs TECA Procedure) of both ears. This condition honestly should never have been allowed to get this bad.

Josie and YHR need your help to pay for the necessary surgery. She obviously doesnít hear currently since her little earlobes are closed up; but hopefully soon Josie will hear the sweet voice of her foster mom and the birds singing outside and her foster fursiblings barking. We appreciate any help you can give to give Josie the gift of hearing and a life without constant pain.
Josie's Donors:
Kanita Larkins
Tony LanzaLorie ReyesMar Gregory
Louis DiBernardoMar GregoryCaridad Colon
Farah MatottSouthern SevenBrenda Antuna
Shannon MarshallLorna MarreroPatricia & Nuri Gonzalez-Powell
Katie RosebraughJean PayneBarry Goldstrom
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Linda BasingerNathan KleinFurever Mine
Alice LucasTreena MorganJody King
Carol YozzoAshley CavinStephanie Grizzle, Molly and Penny
Roseanne ZerolaDebra RobySharon O'Regan
Cherie GuerreroLahna Zandiwuzalilly
Donna HoblackCyndi AszklarKathy Coldewey
Pamela J BunnJeanie GeerTarak Anada
Janet NixieSharon GibsonThe Everything Bag
Sandra SherkNidia VodanovichRobert Dunn
Nancy ViseLaura PinchKathleen Haley
Sheila LeverentzBelinda BoydMary Dorsey
Maxine WhiteStacey WilsonSean and Denise Beyer
Sherry BaccusDonna MooreJose Gonzalez
Teresa PocheKeri KagawaPenny DeForest
Sara MickSherry CoheeBasil and Caper Anzalone
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Lindsay WellhoeferCynthia McNeilWes Goforth
Karen WalkerDonna MooreKanita Larkins
Kanita LarkinsKanita LarkinsKanita Larkins

Name: Kandi
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5
Weight: 7.4
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $450

For more information on Kandi, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Kandi
May 13, 2014 - I have made friends with Lovey and would love to go to a furever home with her so we could be sisters!!

April 16, 2013 - Kandi was found to have bilateral inguinal hernias which were surgically repaired this week. She is recovering well.

March 6, 2014 - Kandi is doing very well. She has been released by the orthopedic surgeon as her leg has healed very well!

She has one more step before she can be adopted ....she has an inguinal hernia that must be repaired. In the near future we will be taking her to a soft tissue surgeon for this to be done.

January 19, 2014 - Kandi's recovery is going smoothly. She has adjusted well to her foster home and gets along well with her foster siblings. She is a precious little girl!

January 14, 2014 - Poor sweet Kandi came to us from a shelter where she has been since last week. An xray revealed multiple fractures of her pelvis and a fracture of her femur. We picked her up from the shelter this morning and took her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists to be evaluated. Surgery is being done this afternoon.

Kandi has been living in pain for the past 2 - 8 weeks. We don't know exactly how long but the fractures had started to heal. The leg is being rebroken since it was not in alignment.

Please pray for this sweet girl. Anything you can do to help with her veterinary costs will be appreciated. We will update as we know more.
Kandi's Donors:
Lisa Lehmann
Dr S B GooljarJoanne HickoxSharon Davis
Shannon BeyerJose GonzalezLauren Leavitt
Steve AnzaloneBrenda Van ValenBetty Payne
Jeanie GeerLouis DiBernardoLouis DiBernardo
Stephanie GrizzleNancy MeinershagenTerri Evans
Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellVicki DykesGary & Denise King
Lisa EdwardsSandra CarrMarcella Strub
Nancy LeichtKaren ShelbyVicki Dykes
Deborah SternStacey WilsonBrenda Van Valen
Alicia KarcherJeanie GeerPeggy Storsved
Vicki Dykes

Name: Lovey
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5
Weight: 10
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $450

For more information on Lovey, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Lovey
May 13, 2014 - I have made friends with Kandi and would love to go to a furever home with her so we could be sisters!!

April 16, 2014 - Lovey is a happy go lucky pup who loves to play with other pups! She is doing well and it is hard to remember the shape she was in when she came to us!

3/11/2014 - Lovey has continued to do very well. She is a happy girl and loves to walk outside and sniff the air. She gets along very well with her foster friends.

2/21/2014 - Lovey had her sutures removed two days ago. She is pain free now and doing well. She remains on crate rest while her fractures are healing.

February 9, 2014 - Lovey was discharged from the hospital on Feb. 7. She is doing well in her foster home. She is being kept very quiet as her injuries are very painful if she is moved. She is able to go on short walks outside. She is eating well and is a very sweet girl.

February 6, 2014 - MORNING UPDATE: Lovey is doing well. She is able to stand. Ate a bit last night and again this morning. Still on IVs .. they are adding oral pain meds so that when they discontinue the IVs her pain will be well controlled.

February 5, 2014 - Lovey's surgery was done late this afternoon and she is doing well. She had two repairs done on her pelvis. We will update as we hear more on her progress. Thank you to everyone for your messages of support and your donations! We could not do what we do without all of you wonderful people!! :)

February 4, 2014 -Lovey was found on the side of a very busy highway and rushed to a vet. She was in a lot of pain and unable to walk at the time. She was transferred to the specialist and is hospitalized awaiting surgery for multiple pelvic fractures. Thankfully, she is able to move her legs, but she is in extreme pain and cannot stand for that reason. If you click on her pictures you can see her xray.

Please pray for Lovey and any donations will be very appreciated.
Lovey's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Brenda Van ValenTony MarounJennifer Schultz
Betty PaynePatricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellBrenda Brady
Taylor EstevezNancy LeichtLisa Edwards
Dr. S B GooljarJudith Graham BurgessCindy Chao
Cathy WillisLuisa DeasonLindsay Wellhoefer
Christine SommerLisa LehmannChristina Weiss
Susan MatsonSheila SandersBelaine Scheuermann
Carolyn TappLindsey AllgoodAmanda Ene
Sharon BoulangerLisa HarrisonMarcella Strub
Rebecca TurnboughValerie LeavittKaren, Fiona & Maddie Walker
Denise, Sean & Emma (YHR Adoptee) BeyerNancy GormanBrenda Van Valen
Sandra CarrYorkie & Small Dog RescueVicki Dykes

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I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Matty
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 8
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Matty, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Matty
January 5, 2015 - Matty has been having issues with a toe on his right rear foot since Dec. 1.
It started out with a broken nail that had to be surgically removed. Then it progressed to an infection and it just did not heal. An x-ray was done last week and the bone is involved. Today, he went in to have a deep tissue culture done but the vet thinks this is a possible malignancy. The x-rays had been sent to a specialist who also felt cancer is a possibility. We made a decision today to amputate that toe (it is the last one on the outer aspect of his foot). Even if it is infection and not cancer, it is taking forever to heal and sometimes they need them removed anyway. We are hopeful that this will help him feel better. It clearly has been bothering him.

April 16, 2014 - Matty is doing well.

August 19, 2014 - Matty had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year! He is a happy boy who just wants to be loved. :)

August 5, 2013 - Foster Mom told me that she met some people at the dog show in Houston last month who have been following me. Just want to send out kisses to all of you and also to my special angels who send money to me every single month....foster mom says they love me...kisses Patricia and Nuri! Foster Mom says I have come a long way...I still don't like those loud things that cut my hair. If you love me, you just have to be careful and learn to cut my hair with scissors!

December 13, 2012 - Matty is doing very well! He has recovered well from his knee surgery.

October 21, 2012 - Matty is recovering well from his surgery...he was seen last week by the orthopedic surgeon and will be seen again in 8 weeks.

September 23, 2012 - Matty is on pain meds and is resting...he is having a bit of a difficult time with this surgery and is very stressed out. Poor little guy.

September 21, 2012 - Matty tore a ligament in his left knee and was admitted this morning for TPLO surgery to repair it.

May 13, 2012 - Matty is doing well. He has been allowing his foster mom to do some grooming with him which is a huge step for him!

April 1, 2011 - Matty is doing fine! His leg has healed well.

February 7, 2011 - Little Matty has a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee. He will be having surgery to repair it and his knee tomorrow. Please keep Matty in your thoughts and prayers.

August 16, 2010 - I am still looking for my furever home. My story remains as stated below. I am a sweet boy who readily gives yorkie kisses to my foster mom.

7/8/09 - I know my experienced adopter is out there, but they are looking in all the wrong places for a new addition to add to their family. Sure, I can be a bit of a fear biter (I nip out of fear) at times, but if you would have put yourself in my paws just a few short years ago, youíd nip too. I am getting better, but am still fearful of being groomed, so foster mom will bring me to the vet to be anesthetized so I wonít be so stressed. Iím willing to bet though that if you adopt me and give me time to trust you, I just might let you take a pair of scissors to me one day. Of course, I canít make promises about this, but I can promise that I could give you more love and devotion than you could ask for.

Please, please donít be frightened by my past issues and just give me a chance to prove that my life is worth saving.
March 18, 2009 - Matty is doing well. He still does have issues with being groomed, so we take him to the vet for shave downs under anesthesia. He is beginning to allow his foster mom to clean his eyes, so that is progress!

December 3, 2008 - Matty's growth was benign! We are so happy for him!

November 13, 2008 - Poor little Matty...as if he has not been through enough. He had a suspicious growth removed from his leg today and it was sent out to be biopsied.

October 10, 2008 - Matty is doing well. He has an extreme fear of being brushed, but has started to allow a couple of brush strokes on his back.

July 08 - Matty has come a long way. Because of his history, he will only be adopted to someone who is able to come to the Houston area for many visits with him to help him adjust to a new person and new home.

4-2-08 - Can I speak frankly? Thank you! Let me start off by asking you to look at my before pictures. I wasn't treated very nicely, I lived on my own, had to search for scraps of food and was tormented by the children that came around. Ok, I confess, I wasn't a pretty site to see. My hair was so matted, long and smelly. The kind soul who befriended me could not even tell what type dog I was. She would come everyday and leave food for me until I finally let her get close enough to grab the chain that was around my neck that I had been dragging forever. She found me a foster home which is really great. There is no more wondering where my next meal will come from. I can't really tell you how I ended up the way I did, because fortunately for me, I blocked most of that out. On the down side, I had to be tough on my own and learned to protect myself from the mean people and elements by snapping. It was the only way to survive. So you see, I'm what they call a fear-biter. This is only when I am caught off guard, such as being awakened from a deep sleep, picked up quickly from behind, etc. Oh, I also do not like to be groomed. Foster mom says I am really getting better though, I will just need a calm home with an owner who can understand what I went through and see the softer side of me. It's a tough world out there, and I've seen way too much of it in my young life. Could you be the one to show me that it's all going to be ok for the rest of my life?

December 2007 - Matty is a love, but one must realize he is a fear biter. He has come a long, long way; but may never completely get over whatever it was that traumatized him. He does very well with consistency and praise. He knows his sit and down commands and really is a sweet little guy who wants to please. He also gives yorkie kisses when they are requested!!

October 2007 - Seeing Matty now is so heartwarming. He has come such a long way! He readily gives lots of yorkie kisses and loves belly rubs. He plays with his foster siblings and is a joy to watch! The only time Matty will now snap is when someone attempts to groom him or do anything at all that involves touching him with something other than a hand. He must be muzzled when at the groomer or the vet. When he first came to me, there was no touching him at all and he snapped at everyone who attempted to make contact. There were days that I wondered if all of us here would survive it. hah! He did NOT need someone to boss him around and show him who was the alpha! He simply needed time to realize that no one was ever going to hurt him again. He knows now who the alpha is, and no, it is not him! As the months go by and he improves, I find myself wondering if anyone will ever be able to handle my little Matty. There have been many inquiries, but sadly not the furever home to work for him. Surely there is someone out there who would take the time to work with him and help him complete his journey to learning to trust. Until then, he will remain with me and hopefully show even more progress. I cannot even begin to impart what a beautiful little boy he is, inside and out!

March 31, 2007 - Matty's hair is coming in nicely and he is SO adorable. He still has some issues with socialization that we are working on. He will not be adopted to a home with children. He gets along with some pups, but is funny at times with others so it might be difficult placing him in a home with other pups.

Feb. 2, 2007 - Matty is making progress. He is extremely timid around new people and things. A noise from something as simple as a printer will scare him until you prove to him that it is ok. He is enrolled in classes with his foster mom to help to socialize him. Once he gets to know someone, he is fine with them...but new people are very scary to him. It will be some time before he can be adopted. New pictures were just added that show what he looked like while living outside. Certainly is no surprise that he was traumatized.

December 12, 2006 - What a story on this poor kid. He was found living in a run down shed and it took a couple of months of one person consistently feeding him, to finally catch him. He was so matted that they did not even know what kind of pup he was. He was taken to a vet and had to be completely shaved due to matts that covered his entire body, even his eyes. They said it was a wonder he could see to get around prior to that. He is a tad bit shy with new people and experiences, but a very loveable pupster who rolls over for belly rubs. He also likes to play with the other young pups in his foster home. It will take him a while to get used to living normally before he will be ready for adoption, but at the rate he is going, it might not be all that long! He is scheduled to be neutered on December 21st.
Matty's Donors:
Michael Freedman
Frances BerndtKateia WolffElisandra Castro
Jennifer Rendon-BelangerVicki DykesMariko Hernandez
Mariko HernandezMerry JonesKaren Walker
Maddie & Fiona WalkerMariko HernandezMariko Hernandez
Patricia Gonzalez-PowellNuri Gonzalez-PowellPatricia Gonzalez-Powell
Karen WalkerNancy LeichtNancy Leicht
Vicki DykesMar GregoryMariko Hernandez
Mariko HernandezMariko HernandezMariko Hernandez
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Patricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellNancy MeinershagenVicki Dykes
Kray Kray Management IncMelynda SmithHyeran Kim
Diana LewisPatricia & Nuri Gonzalez-PowellJacqueline Lawson

Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 8.5
Weight: 2.6
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Max, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Max
1/19/15 - Ok, seems that Iím in the market for a new home. My previous owner, whom I had been with all my life, was sick and could not take care of me, so she reached out to people who reached out to rescue. I really loved my first mom and we shared a lot of quality time together since I am lap baby and she was in the bed a lot from her sickness. These people at YHR have asked me to let you know a little about myself so everyone will understand the next home that I want.

Letís see.... for starters, Iím a confident, cocky, fearless, little man that doesnít realize his size and weight. I love spending time with my humans. I will probably do better in a home being the only dog or with a very laid back dog that doesnít mind me getting all the attention. Not the greatest at sharing my people and can show a tad of a snake attack if another pup thinks they are going to move in on my lap and time. I love sleeping in bed with my people, but here at my foster home, the other pups are in the bed as well and that does not please me.

I only have 4 teeth left. Yes, thatís what I said, 4 teeth. So I like my food to be the soft version. Iím a very small tyke, so potty trips need to be often. Just imagine that my bladder is the size of pea (no pun intended). I do my business great when brought outside, and since it has been so cold and wet, I rush right back to the door. I love following my person everywhere or sitting next to them. Iím not shy about eye contact and will initiate play by bringing you a toy. If you are busy, Iím content to play with toys by myself. I do love me some toys.

I know Iím small, but I think it best if I have a secure yard as opposed to having to walk on a harness and leash. Without being secured, I would probably run off, and I might not take fondly to having to be on the end of a long string each time I need to tinkle or poop. Gotta have a little privacy you know. If you have some errands to run where they allow dogs, Iím not opposed to being carried around in one of those prissy bags, or, in my eyes, a man tote.

I do like to shower my human(s) with kisses, but with only the 4 teeth, my tongue comes out to the side and my kisses are sideways. Itís the cutest thing youíve ever seen. I have no problem letting you know when someone is at the door. Iím not scared to bark and try to scare the dogs next door by barking at them. But, of course, my bark is cute.

Since I am so small, definitely no children in the house or that visit a lot. Also, picking me up and putting me down on and off furniture is the best, but puppy stairs by the sofa and bed are probably best so I wonít be tempted to jump. That is very bad on the legs, and at my appointment at GCVS with Dr. Beale to check on my aging legs and joints, he told me that I have bad luxating patellas. Nothing that he thinks need surgery at this time, but my back legs are a stiff. He feels that I have had this for a while now and compensate for it. My foster mom has been instructed to watch me closely, as will my new parents need to do, for any changes or signs of uncomfortableness. You never know, I could be a candidate, as could all yorkies, for surgery later on and my new parents will need to be ready and willing to take this on. I personally donít think it is too much to ask since I will be your child and you will love me so much that you will do anything for me.

So, let me break this down for you:

- Only dog preferred, or another laid back, non caring pup that doesnít mind if I boss it.
- Fenced in back yard, doesnít have to be huge, just need a yard to call my own.
- Parents that realize and are good with me being a confident little rat.
- Parents that realize that Iím going to sleep with them.
- Parents that will feed me soft food
- Parents that will be proud to take x-mas photos with me smiling with only 4 teeth in my head.
- Parents that will buy me toys, toys, and more toys.
- Parents that will take care of me medically in the future for whatever life brings me.

In return, you will be some really lucky people and I will love you with my whole heart. Who could ask for more?

1/14/15 - BIO COMING SOON!
Max's Donors:

Name: Missy
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Weight: 6
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Missy, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Missy
11/11/14 - Missyís senior status is starting to kick in and her hearing and eyesight just arenít what they were. She has the start of dementia now and her FM and FD watch her closely (especially when outside). She is still a sweetheart of a girl and loves attention from her people.

June 19, 2013 - Isn't there anyone out there that wants to give a sweet ole gal a home to call her own? Foster mom tells me not to give up that someone special will come along. I dream of having my very own human to love and that will love me unconditionally. I wait patiently.
Xoxo Missy
Missy is showing some signs of dementia and hearing loss but she still has a lot of love to give to that special person.

November 1, 2012 - Hi it's Missy!

It's been a while since my last update but I wanted to let all my fans know what I've been up to lately.

I've had several rounds of blood work done and also have had my teeth cleaned. I'm on a special canned food diet to help bring my levels up to where they should be. I'll have a follow up blood test soon to see how I'm doing.

I love to walk around the back yard and get some fresh air but mostly I'm just a chill girl and like to lay around.

I love my foster home but I need a home to call my own. Maybe one that's a little more peaceful but I'm not picky. Can you give a special older girl a home to call her own? And a last name would be great!

Xoxo Missy

January 18, 2012 - Hi I'm Missy and I am new to YHR.

They say that age is only a number and I certainly feel and act younger than my age. I am a sweet girl that longs to have a family that will love me FOREVER! All I want is a nice warm bed and someone to hang out with and love on me. In return I promise to love you FOREVER and give lots of kisses.

I have been to the doctor and they say I am in great health but I will need to have my teeth cleaned. Foster mom says that will be done before I go to my new home. I do need to gain a little weight but judging from the others around here that won't be a problem long.

Please don't let my age scare you away from giving me a home to call my own. I promise you won't regret it. Being a foster is OK but I really dream of having my own family soon!

Missy's Donors:
Brigitte Chorey
Cindy VandegriftBrigitte Chorey

Name: Mocha
Gender: Male
Age: 4.5
Weight: 8.9
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $350

For more information on Mocha, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Mocha
11/11/14 - Mocha wanted to update everyone since it has been a while since his first posting. Mocha is a very sweet little guy who loves attention from his humans and would do great as an only pup. He co-exists fine with the other pups in his home, and is actually submissive, but if challenged, will stand his ground. Mocha can be misunderstood easily since he his personality can sometimes be a bit quirky. Once you learn his personality and shortcomings, owning and loving him really isnít any different than any other pup.

Mocha has some insecurities that make him sometimes come off as a bully. He is what we would most likely call a fear responder. If he is in a situation where he seems to feel fear, he will nip/bite. Seasoned dog owners understand this and look for body language and just make sure that dogs such as Mocha arenít put in a position that would cause him to be uncomfortable. Such as, we know he doesnít like children, so he will need a home that does not have children visit often. Even though Mocha loves people, he is not his loveable self in an active household or for holidays where multiple people visit. It sends his little mind into overload. So, we are looking for a quiet household where Mocha can enjoy the retirement life and not have people in and out of the house at all times. His foster parents do not put him in this predicament and if they have multiple people coming over, they put Mocha in another room until the house is settled.

I know a lot of this makes Mocha sound like a handful, but this is the sweetest, most loveable, most appreciative handful anyone could every want. Humans have personality quirks too, but everyone deserves the chance to be all they can be. Mocha is truly great. He just went through a lot being given up by his first owners and we think that set the precedent for Mochaís future and need for consistency.

He gives as much love as he gets and just needs the chance to be able to be loved unconditionally and without hesitation.

9/13/12 - I used to have a mom and dad and we had a very nice life together. I was loved, I was spoiled and then WHAM, it all came to a crashing end. Mom and dad had to take in a family members children and it seems that I am NOT a fan of children. So, seems I was asked to leave. I'm so sad, I wish I could have come to terms with my dislike for kids, but I couldn't and the house wasn't big enough for all of us.

I am now in a foster home waiting to find another mom and dad to love me. Please don't take this thought to adopt lightly because you don't know how hard it is for us pups to be uprooted. We can't speak, but we definitely hurt and have feelings.

Foster mom and dad say that I am doing well, but can tell that I have been wounded by losing my previous parents since I am so wanting their love and affection. I love being with my humans and would honestly be perfectly fine if it were just I and my parents. Other furbabies will be fine, but I really don't "play" with them much. I have tried to show my alpha side with the other male in my foster home, but foster mom thinks it is just because I'm not sure where I fit in the pack and am still trying to figure that out. Since we all sleep in the human bed, when we first get in bed, there are some cross words between he and I, but we quiet down quickly.

I love playing with squeaky toys and sitting in your lap or next to you on the sofa. My foster mom says although I'm very masculine, I have "precious, soft feet", 'cause they don't hurt her like some pup's feet do. I also LOVE giving kisses. Sometimes a little too much. WHO SAID THAT? I need a calmer household where my parents are confident in their role so I don't have to feel as if I need to rule the roost. I would really love it if somebody could be home with me most of the time. I'm working on my potty training here, and tinkle outside very well each time. I just sometimes forgot to complete my job and come back in and go no. 2. My life was turned upside down, so with consistency, I know I'll get better. I'm ok on a leash and would get better with time, but would prefer a fenced back yard to chase the squirrels and do business in.

I guess I'll wrap it up for now. It's raining here in Texas right now and 2 of the other pups are scared of the weather. Not me, I just want to take a nap by foster mom/dad, enjoy the company and dream about my new parents adopting me.

9/10/12 - BIO COMING SOON!
Mocha's Donors:
Robin Porter
Robin Porter

Pictures Videos
Name: Sammy 2
Gender: Male
Age: 10.5
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $150

For more information on Sammy 2, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Sammy 2
11/12/14 - Sammy is doing well and still competes for the position of the King of the Castle, donít tell his foster brother though! Sammy may not be a lap dog but he does want to keep an eye on you wherever you go and if you settle down for the evening he is up giving you kisses before he settles into his spot. When the other pups arenít around he is more relaxed and will lay next to you or at your feet. Sammy and his foster family moved, which stirred up his allergies again. The vet feels it was due to moving to a new place that has different environmental triggers for him. Since Summer is over, he is now taking just 1/4 Zyrtec daily with Benadryl as needed. He can always resort back to the Atopica during the worse months. Sammy is still waiting for his forever castle, I mean home, without another pup or with an easy going pup.

5/13/14 - Sammyís foster mom is elated to say that Sammy has now been off of the Atopica (allergy pill) since May 2013. He was in such bad shape when he first arrived and with the dedication of his foster mom and vet, Sammy started on a regimen of 1 time a week baths with prescription shampoo, he eats Nutro Natural Choice for Senior Toy Breeds and the Atopica. They gradually spaced the Atopica pills out to where he was only receiving every third day and then eventually took him off the pills altogether. He has been doing great with just the baths and food he is on. His foster mom does keep Atopica on hand in case there is a flare-up and he may need to return to the the medicine, but his skin seems to be doing great.

Sammy did put on a little weight in the beginning when going through different trials for his allergies and is now trying to shed his excess weight and get back to his boyish figure. Sammy is doing better with his potty habits, as long as he isnít left too long expecting to hold it.
Sammy is a very confident little guy that would do best as an only dog or with another that truly doesnít care if Sammy runs the show. He is truly a yorkie with that attitude of ďitís my way or the highwayĒ. Sammy follows his foster mom around and loves to be where the action is, but is affectionate on his own terms. He is independent and is not the typical little snuggle bunny.

He had a dental week before last and lost three teeth, but has a much healthier mouth than when he first entered YHR.

Sammy is still awaiting that home that will just make him feel as if he is the King. Could your home be his castle?

3/13/13 - Sammyís allergies are under control now with the help of the Atopica. He takes his Atopica pill every 3rd day, gets bathed weekly with a prescription shampoo and eats I am now on Nutro Natural Choice for Senior Toy Breeds. His foster mom is so excited about all of this since he was practically bald when she first picked him up.

He still gets a little nippy with his treats, but his foster mom feels it is when the other pups are around. He would do well either as an only pup or with another submissive/passive pup. He is starting to play a little more, likes to travel and loves to give kisses.

He put on some weight when the vet had him on Temaril P, so we are working to get some off.

Sammy is still waiting on his forever home and will make a great addition to a home that doesnít have any children and possibly 1 dog or being the only pup.

12/14/12 - Sammy is doing well on his Atopica for his allergies and the vet is pleased with his progress. He is taking one pill daily now and the vet wants to go to every other day and see if he does well with this. Just trying to see where his exact comfort zone point is.

Now that he has been in his foster home a while and his skin is looking and feeling better, we have learned that Sammy would love to be an only dog. He doesnít necessarily start anything with his foster siblings, but wonít back down at all when the alpha in the home tries to show him who owns the home. Sammy is also very proud and attached to his food and treats and will nip if someone tries to mess with them. To that end, he would not be a good pup in a home with children or where children visit frequently.

Sammy is a great little guy who will make someone a great companion.

10/5/12 - I thought Iíd update everyone on my status since the results have come in from my allergy tests.

Iíve had to switch foods since it seems I was allergic to, among other things, some of the ingredients in my previous kibble. I am now on Nutro Natural Choice for Senior Toy Breeds. On 10/4/12, I started on the allergy pill called Atopica (10mg) and the doc said that it would take about a month and a half before we see if this will make my skin non-itchy.

My hair has already started growing back from when I first arrived, now we are waiting for my allergy pills to take effect and then maybe Iíll grace the cover of Dog Fancy!

9/18/12 - I just recently changed addresses. Not by choice of my own. Seems my previous owners were adding to their family once again with a two legger and didnít feel there was enough room for all of us, so they contacted Yorkie Haven to see if they had room. Iím now in a foster home with a great foster mom and dad and two other yorkies.

My name is Sammy #2. Guess thatís because there was already a pup named Sammy on the YHR site. Iíve been in my new home since 8/31/12 and am settling in quite nicely. Everyone here is nice, except for Bande, one of the yorkies. He kind of has a strong personality and is a permanent resident here. Since Iím a little strong minded too, we donít always see eye to eye on things. Foster mom is really good about making us both understand that she is actually the one in charge. I do well around Simon, the other yorkie, since he is submissive and passive.

Iím eating very well and have put on some much needed weight. I love my humans and do enjoy being held and petted. Iím not a huge barker, but will voice my opinion when I want attention and am not getting it. Typical yorkie from what I understand. I would enjoy for my permanent home to be a mom and dad, other pups optional, but if there are other pups, it would probably be better if they were laid back. I donít really play with toys, but a couple of those would be good in case I learn and start to play with them.

I have allergies really bad and foster mom and the vet are working diligently to try to figure out what exactly Iím allergic to so we can get a handle on it. I am switching to Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato, but we are probably going to do some allergy testing in the future. We want to see if itís just food or if I may need to be on some form of allergy medicine to make me comfortable. I have lived with this itchy, irritated, infected skin for long enough and now foster mom is going to fix it, thank goodness. I will feel so much better.

9/5/12 - These are definitely my before pics since I look so bad. I have yeast and bacterial infections due to allergies that have not been addressed for a very long period of time. I have just arrived at my foster home, so a formal bio will be coming as soon as foster mom and dad learn my personality and new pics where I am less red, have more hair, look more comfortable and am more handsome will also be forthcoming.

Sammy #2
Sammy 2's Donors:
Debbie Leithe
Marcella StrubMariko Hernandez

Name: Tess
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Weight: 7
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $250

For more information on Tess, contact foster parent at: yorkietude@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tess
June 26, 2014 - It is time for me to tell you all more about me. I had an adoption pending recently but it ended up not going through. So, lucky you, I'm available. I am a sweet adult lady with a lot of spunk. My favorite activities are to snuggle and eat. I follow my foster mom everywhere and love to go. Whether its the couch, sitting in the kitchen watching, or riding in the car doing errands, I love to be with my people. I love to sleep with you, but not necessarily on top of you. I get along well with the fur siblings in my house, and now play with the younger when the mood strikes me. But if I'm not in the mood, I let them know I'm resting. I have only 5 teeth left but that does not slow me down. As I told you earlier eating is a favorite of mine. On a healthy diet I have lost an entire pound, and am maintaining my figure. I am a sweetie and waiting for my forever home, so please fill out an app.

5/8/2014 - My family started working longer hours and felt that it would be better for me to be in a home where someone could be home with me since I am such a cuddly love bug. What are my hobbies? Eating and snuggling.

I get along with everyone!

4/18/14 - BIO COMING SOON!
Tess's Donors:
Linda Fletcher
Carol FletcherDr Abby Hulick Humbles

Pictures Videos
I have serious medical issues, Please Donate!
Name: Tiny Tim
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Weight: 5.5
Location: TX
Adoption Fee: $300

For more information on Tiny Tim, contact foster parent at: linsyorkies@yahoo.com

Apply To Adopt Tiny Tim
9/21/14 - To date Timmy's angels have donated $2120 towards his veterinary care. His total ICU bill was $4,000.

9/19/20`4 - Timmy is back in his foster home and doing well. He will need to be watched closely to see that his blood work continues to improve. He is taking all of his meds like a champ!

9/17/2014 - Timmy is doing very well and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your prayers and donations!

9/14/2014 - Timmy (Tiny Tim) became ill overnight and was in the Emergency Clinic early this morning and then referred to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists this afternoon.

Timmy in in ICU on IV fluids and antibiotics. His liver enzymes and white count were very elevated and he had a temp of 103.7. He has a probable liver infection, but he does have stones in his gall bladder; so they cannot rule out an obstruction until further studies are done. He will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and hopefully that will tell us more.

You all have been so generous lately with our sick girl, Lily Rose, so it is totally understood that it may be difficult for many to donate towards Timmy's vet care. If you can help, it will be appreciated. No amount is too small....if you can give up one cup of coffee for him, it will be a huge help and deeply appreciated. One thing we ask is that you please say a prayer for this precious boy.

April 16, 2014 - Timmy has been on various diets to prevent bladder stones. With the surgery he had recently it is hopeful he will never have to have surgery again. He must be seen by a vet every three months to have his urine checked and be evaluated for stones.

March 24, 2014 - Timmy had emergency surgery today to remove a bladder stone that was blocking his urethra. Because he is a recurrent bladder stone former, a scrotal urethrostomy was done to help him pass stones if they form again which is highly likely. He will remain in the hospital for a couple of days.

February 16, 2014 - Since Timmy developed bladder stones again while on a prescription diet, we have done a veterinary nutrition consult on him and have started him on a home cooked diet. Timmy will need to be checked every 3 months for bladder stones.

January 11, 2014 - Timmy had his surgery on the 8th and he is recovering well. He sends yorkie kisses to everyone who helped us pay for his surgery and those who prayed for him!!

December 24, 2013 - In spite of being on a special diet, Timmy has developed another large bladder stone. Poor baby was in pain and went to the vet this morning. Because it is not considered an emergency, he is home on pain meds and being watched. Unless he becomes obstructed, surgery will not be done until after Christmas.
Donations and prayers appreciated!

June 13, 2013 - Timmy is doing well and has put some much needed weight on!

May 31, 2013 - Timmy had his bladder surgery two days ago and is doing fine in his recovery. The stone was huge! Pictures attached.

May 28, 2013 - Timmy was kept in a cage outside and received little to no food and water and no medical treatment at all. He was brought to animal control by his lovely owners (thank goodness) and Yorkie Haven was called to see if they had room for this 3.5 lb. baby. He had his dental and lost 17 teeth and at that time, they found out he had a large bladder stone but had to wait for surgery because he was so emaciated upon arrival.

He has now put on some weight and should be good to go for removal of his bladder stone tomorrow.

Timmy is a sweet little guy who loves his people and is doing fine with the other pups in his foster home. He and his foster mom will be looking for a home for Tiny Tim that understands these little ones and someone who is ready to give him all the love, attention and comfort that he did not get in his previous home. He moving up in the world and is not looking back.

If you can help with his vetting costs, it will be so appreciated.

May 25, 2013 - BIO COMING SOON!
Tiny Tim's Donors:
Vicki Dykes
Jeanie GeerEric ZernekeDeborah Teitelman
Leah MercierVicki DykesKathleen Meaney
Lisa LehmannCatrina CurrierLisa Edwards
Nancy LeichtMarcella StrubVicki Dykes
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