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Welcome to Yorkie Haven Rescue, Inc. We are an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue and all donations are tax deductible.

We sincerely appreciate and thank all of you for helping us help Josie. 10-17-14 - We originally posted the low end of the estimated cost of her ear surgery and had not added other vetting costs (spay, dental and blood work and xrays). That has been added today to the thermometer. We are so grateful for the donations coming in to care for Josie! Click here for her bio and pictures


Josie was surrendered to a local animal control by her owners with ears that hurt just to look at them. We don't know how long this poor baby has been in this condition, but the pain she must be feeling has to be tremendous. A rescue group pulled sweet Josie since they knew that she would be euthanized quickly because of her medical needs. They quickly reached out to YHR, offered an approved foster home (which was also approved by YHR) and now this baby is ready for a better start. She is receiving love and attention from her foster family. She goes to the vet this Friday (Oct. 17) to be spayed, have a dental cleaning and be microchipped. Soon thereafter, we will bring her to GCVS where they will need to perform a Total Ear Canal Ablation and Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (TECA Procedure) of both ears. This condition honestly should never have been allowed to get this bad. Josie and YHR need your help to pay for the necessary surgery. She obviously doesn't hear currently since her little ears are closed up; but hopefully soon Josie will hear the sweet voice of her foster mom and the birds singing outside and her foster fursiblings barking. We appreciate any help you can give to give Josie the gift of hearing and a life without constant pain.


There are many ways to help us save yorkies in need besides donating money. Please take a look at the links on the side of this page. Something as simple as using Good Search, a Yahoo search engine for all of your searches can earn money to help the Haven pups. If you shop online you can contribute without spending an extra dime by using our Amazon link, or by connecting to your favorite merchant through Igive!

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Check out our Coming Events and stop and say hello if you are in the area!

Our Monthly Recurring Donation Subscription is the perfect choice for supporters who want to help on a continuing basis or who would like to budget their donations. You choose the amount automatically charged to your credit card or checking account each month so you can be assured that your generosity continues throughout the year to help Yorkie Haven Rescue. This is done through Paypal's secure server.

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING OR HELPING THE HAVEN ANOTHER WAY? Please email us at and our Membership Coordinator will contact you. We do need foster homes in all states, but there are many other ways to help.

About Yorkie Haven Rescue

Yorkie Haven Rescue Group was founded in 2006. Our caring volunteers share their many talents to ensure that all yorkies we rescue from "throwaway land" are safe and can live their lives in a loving, healthy and safe environment - a haven where they will be forever loved.

We have a wonderful base of volunteers located throughout the United States, have no paid staff and are funded solely by kind donations from the public. Before any rescue is placed in a forever home, the pup is spayed/neutered, heartworm checked and made current on all vaccines.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Yorkie Haven Rescue is to rescue Yorkie/Yorkie mixes regardless of age, sight, hearing or other handicaps. We are committed to educating the public, our adoptees and volunteers about the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. We pledge to provide a loving and caring environment and keep the pup safe until a forever home can be found. Our focus is not finding the right pup for a home, but finding the right home for each and every pup.

Our Values

We value the lives of all pups that come into the Haven. We will seek out medical care to help our pups, and seek out alternative treatments if traditional treatments do not work - just as we would for our own family.

We value our volunteers. We treat our volunteers as family and show them the same compassion and respect as we would like to receive ourselves. Without our dedicated volunteers to care for our rescued pups, there would be no Yorkie Haven Rescue. We are blessed to have them.

We value our donors. We consider our donors rescuers too. They help with the well being of our pups by providing for their medical care. If it weren't for our generous donors, we could not save the many yorkies out there that so desperately need our help. Thank you for all you do.